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24 November 2021

Business Design Centre, London

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UK Paradise for Scammers
A Top executive for NatWest bank has expressed his views that the UK currently is the ultimate paradise for scammers, as well as warnings concerning crypto-currency related fraud. Market Leaders Not in a Good Sense With the UK currently deemed as the worst market for scams, a concerted effort has been called for across governments,...
Fertility Clinic Patients Hit by Ransomware Egg
Ransomware attacks have been seen to hit a wide variety of industries and sectors over the past year, with the healthcare sector being a prime cause for concern and target. A Healthy Target Considered among the chief containers for personal and sensitive information that can be stolen in various cybercrime attacks, every sector of the...
Facebook Shares Your Views, But Their Breach Shared Even More
Facebook may be the ultimate place to connect, talk and share memories with friends and family, but you believe you have the control over who exactly sees what when it comes to your profile. Unfortunately, the place where we like to control what people know about us has suffered one of the all-time biggest data...