Enterprise Security & Risk Management

25 November 2020

Victoria Park Plaza




Wednesday 25th November 2020

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Leverage Risk Metrics to Build your Business Case

A practical demonstration of how to ensure your risk assessments are directly linked to your strategy and business objectives using risk metrics that make a compelling business case.



Taming Vendor Risk Management

The number of third parties having access to IT systems is increasing. Most of them have widespread access to company data, and many businesses do not require third parties to comply with their privacy policies. In this seminar, we explore how to combat third-party suppliers’ impact on companies’ cyber risk:

  • Exploring common concerns: lack of policy awareness, the inefficiency of traditional approaches, heightened regulatory pressure and more
  • How to select vendors – tips and best practices for a well-defined vendor selection process
  • Prioritising vendors based on risk
  • Why SLA metrics are not working
  • Building a robust vendor performance monitoring and periodic due diligence processes
  • Constructing a disciplined vendor governance framework



End-point Security

There are currently more endpoint devices than people in most companies, but do you know how many of those devices are accessing sensitive data and what they’re doing with that information? Each device presents an opportunity for a breach. This seminar looks into endpoint security covering your IoT network, from mobile devices to workstations and beyond to continuously monitor, patch and update.



Cloud Security – Taking Control of your Sensitive Data

With the average enterprise organisation experiencing 30 cloud-related security threats each month – a significant increase from last year – cloud security and cloud-related risk management are becoming increasingly relevant to enterprises. We explore key cloud security strategies you need to implement right away.



How AI can Change your Decision Making Through Real-Time Monitoring

This seminar explores AI automated real-time monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities. We investigate tools that monitor threats and consider your organisation’s context, capabilities, and unique business risk to help you make well-informed decisions in a timely manner.



Predictive Prioritisation: Aim at The Most Critical Vulnerabilities

With thousands of new vulnerabilities disclosed every year, tackling all of them is increasingly more complex. This seminar aims to provide a thorough understanding of how predictive risk prioritisation can help you focus on those vulnerabilities that matter the most.



The Cybersecurity Workforce Gap: Implementing Efficient Hiring Methods

The cybersecurity skill gap is widening and hiring the right talent is becoming a completed task. In this seminar, we look into useful approaches to cybersecurity hiring that contemplate beyond the technical skills to identify the right cybersecurity talent, enabling recruiters to consider a wider talent pool than might have passed unnoticed.



Incident Management: Risk Mitigation Strategies and Reputational Risk

Incident response is an ongoing process, a lifecycle that requires a risk mitigation strategy covering operational, legal and reputational risk. In this seminar, we consider the roadmap to implement a successful incident management strategy from responding quickly to internally and externally communicating your cyber breaches.