Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2020


3 November 2020




Enterprise Security and Risk Management 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX – The UK’s most important gathering of today’s Security and infosec decision-makers and influencers

Delivering a full virtual program of inspiration and enablement direct to you, streamed from UK and completely online for the first time ever. Watch our live-streamed Plenary Sessions and Seminars to see thought-leaders, best practices, and get the inside scoop on next-generation IAM policies and strategies.

At a glance

Welcome to ESRM 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX – new virtual format, same breadth and depth of high-quality content

Join Whitehall Media as we pivot the Annual ESRM 2020 conference into a virtual conference with a fully interactive walkthrough exhibition. Get the latest insights on Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, Privacy & Advanced Threat Detection at ESRM 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX

This year, more than any other, we have a critical need to come together to accelerate essential recovery and transformation. Whether you are supporting a newly remote workforce or shifting to digital platforms across different tools, applications and cloud platforms,  a robust secure network remains an essential practice to protect your organisation and clients.

This is the year’s most valuable information update and networking opportunity for CISOs and security, risk and resilience professionals. Get a comprehensive update on cybersecurity threats and solutions. Hear new best practices for cloud security, AI, IoT, blockchain, DevOps and other challenges. Advance your IT security and risk strategy to support digital business. Join us to craft your security and risk plan to improve resilience, accelerate innovation and drive business growth with the entire organization behind you.

Find out how you can shift organizational culture to improve cybersecurity, privacy and business resilience

In today’s risk reality, you have to anticipate new security threats, deal with disruptive technologies and build resilience in a world where anything seems possible.

ESRM 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX is the one place you can hear independent experts on what matters most now and how to prepare for what’s ahead. You’ll learn how to create the security and IT risk management plans you need to give your organization the freedom to grow and innovate with confidence.


Leadership and Business Strategy: Risk & Resilience

  • Business Centric Security Programmes
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Business Digital Transition Project Management
  • Data Privacy Legislative Framework
  • Digital Risk Management
  • Communicating Risk to the Board
  • Risk ownership and governance
  • Holistic Security Adoption
  • Identification and Prioritisation of Risks
  • Managing Business Digital Transition
  • Measuring and Quantifying the Value of Risk
  • Measuring Trust and Resilience
  • Reducing Cost and Risk
  • Regulatory Framework and Standard Requirements
  • Risk Acceptance and Management
  • Risk-Aware Culture
  • Supply Chain/ Vendor Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Metrics
  • Contingency planning and business continuity
  • Developing Intra-operative Trust and Organisational Resilience

Cyber Risk Deterrence and Response

  • Adaptive Defence Techniques
  • Advanced Persistent Threat protection
  • Advanced Threat Defence landscape
  • Asset Compartmentalisation
  • Attack Vector Mapping
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
  • Computer Emergency Response Team Preparedness
  • Cybercrime Environment
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Centre Management
  • Data Breach incident management and recovery
  • Device Management and Protection
  • Indicators of Compromise Software
  • Internal and External Permitted and Prohibited Activity
  • Threat Actors
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Threat intelligence, visualisation

Tech, Trends & Competences

  • All Source Intelligence
  • AI vulnerability detection
  • Identity Access Management Architecture
  • Integrated Risk Management Systems
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud threat intelligence
  • IAM security solutions
  • Corrective and Preventive Action System
  • Current Trends and Capabilities
  • End-Point Perimeter Defence
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Multiplatform IT
  • Network Security Management
  • Preparing for an IoT Enabled Digital Workplace
  • Risk & Vulnerabilities Prioritisation
  • DevSecOps Implementation
  • Digital Security Architecture
  • Embedding security into disruptive trends (IoT, Blockchain, AI, etc.)
  • User and Entity Behaviour Analytics

Featured Speakers