“Best Practices” in Responding To Cyber Incidents to Mitigate Business Impact

Sinu Peter, Cyber Security Director, CyberProof
Jaimon Thomas, VP Customer Engineering, CyberProof

For enterprises that have migrated to the cloud, the ability to detect & respond quickly is essential to mitigate the potential business impact of an attack. Known for its unconventional methods and use of advanced extortion techniques, BlackCat has quickly risen to prominence in the cybercrime community. As this ransomware group forges its way to gain more clout, we examine its operations and discuss how organizations can shore up their defenses against it. We will share experiences of how we handled a BlackCat ransomware attack and worked effectively with our client, in real time, to eliminate the threat. The incident response is described from the perspective of the Digital Forensics & Incident Response team, and it focuses on demonstrating “Best Practices” regarding incident management. As the threats we face continue to evolve, the streams of data being collected and processed is key to understanding threat coverage within an organisation. We will also discuss how to prioritise event sources and build a cloud-native, cost-optimised data lake to enable continuous threat hunting and detect advanced threats.

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