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Enterprise Security & Risk Management

13 March 2024

Pullman Hotel St Pancras, London

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Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you.

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How To Create Successful Malware and How to Defend with Zero Trust


Eoin McGrath, Solution’s Engineer, Threatlocker

A world where anyone can create successful malware or have AI generate it for them, it’s important to know how malware can be successful so you can better defend. Starting from a default-deny posture, learn how adopting Zero Trust principles can keep your data safe and operations running regardless of hacking attempts by man or machine.

Eoin McGrath
Solution's Engineer, Threatlocker
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

Managing the Top Risk & Security Concerns for a Successful Cloud Migration


Alex Noble, Cloud Security Lead EMEA, Rapid7

  • This seminar explores strategies and best practices for addressing the critical challenges associated with moving to the cloud.
  • Participants will gain insights into how to navigate the potential risks and bolster security measures to ensure a smooth and secure transition to cloud-based solutions, ultimately facilitating a successful migration process.


Alex Noble
Cloud Security Lead EMEA, Rapid7
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Room / Location:
Hyde Park Room 6

Digital Operational Resilience Act: Key Provisions and Best Practices


Joel Brandon, Director, ProcessUnity

The EU’s Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) came into force on January 16th 2023, and will be enforceable starting January 27th 2025. Organisations looking to achieve compliance must determine how this regulation will impact their supplier ecosystem and what the regulatory authorities expect them to accomplish by the 2025 deadline.

To protect your organisation from the mounting cybersecurity threat and to achieve compliance in time for DORA enforcement, it is necessary to understand the ICT-related practices regulated by DORA and the tools available to help you achieve compliance. This presentation will provide an overview of the key provisions of DORA and their implications for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) teams, list best practices for DORA preparation and review key considerations for teams looking to implement the DORA framework.

Join this session for a discussion about:

  • Key DORA provisions
  • Entities regulated under DORA
  • Implications for third-party risk management teams
  • Best practices for achieving DORA compliance
  • Considerations for DORA implementation
Joel Brandon
Director, ProcessUnity
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Room / Location:
Hyde Park Room 1

Prioritizing AppSec as Part of Resilient Application Development


Patrick Doherty, Senior Solutions Engineer, Checkmarx

A successful AppSec Program is vital to a successful online business. However, getting AppSec right is hard. It requires not just your own team, but also buy-in and active participation from across the organization – especially developers. If you’re turning your attention to ramping up your AppSec, you need to make sure it fits your business and is successful.

The real question then is: where do you start? How can your team quickly make an impact, and where should you go from there? At Checkmarx, we help organizations answer this question for themselves every day. Join us for this round table discussion and learn about how your industry peers think about AppSec, and how to lead your team to jumpstart your own AppSec program, no matter what stage of development you might be in.

Patrick Doherty
Senior Solutions Engineer, Checkmarx
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Room / Location:
Hyde Park Room 2

“Best Practices” in Responding To Cyber Incidents to Mitigate Business Impact


Sinu Peter, Cyber Security Director, CyberProof
Jaimon Thomas, VP Customer Engineering, CyberProof

For enterprises that have migrated to the cloud, the ability to detect & respond quickly is essential to mitigate the potential business impact of an attack. Known for its unconventional methods and use of advanced extortion techniques, BlackCat has quickly risen to prominence in the cybercrime community. As this ransomware group forges its way to gain more clout, we examine its operations and discuss how organizations can shore up their defenses against it. We will share experiences of how we handled a BlackCat ransomware attack and worked effectively with our client, in real time, to eliminate the threat. The incident response is described from the perspective of the Digital Forensics & Incident Response team, and it focuses on demonstrating “Best Practices” regarding incident management. As the threats we face continue to evolve, the streams of data being collected and processed is key to understanding threat coverage within an organisation. We will also discuss how to prioritise event sources and build a cloud-native, cost-optimised data lake to enable continuous threat hunting and detect advanced threats.

Jaimon Thomas
VP Customer Engineering, CyberProof,
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Sinu Peter
Cyber Security Director, CyberProof
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Room / Location:
Hyde Park Room 3

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