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31 March 2022

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Hotel Hostility as Hackers Target the Hospitality Sector
Among the top three targeted industries by cyber hackers around the world, hotels and the hospitality businesses are suddenly feeling the increase of the growing cybercrime rates. Rich Mining Despite being bricks-and-mortar enterprises, they are considered one of the richest mines for data by hackers looking to utilise the data for nefarious purposes. Even before...
Increased Attack Threat Following Ukraine Crisis
Ever since the first stages of the Ukraine invasion by Russia, widespread predictions relating to cyber operations launching parallel to the fighting have highlighted the threat of collateral damage across the entire global corporate sector. Fresh Threats For those in the insurance industry still recovering from the widespread surge in ransomware attacks, Russia’s Ukraine actions...
Enterprise Shift in Cyber Protection
Throughout the last few years, the cyber landscape has been dominated by rising levels of ransomware attacks, increasing by 105% in 2021 alone. Sophos’ report (State of Ransomware 2021) revealed that an average ransom paid out now equals $170,404 with remediation costs at $1.85m – ten times the size of the ransom payment on average....