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23 March 2021

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Seminars @ ESRM uk


Away from the conference hall you have the opportunity to deep dive into a subject which is of most relevance to you. With a wide selection of seminars to choose from, you are certain to find one which feels as though it has been tailor made with you in mind.

The Seminars will take place from 12:15 – 13:00

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.

Integrated risk management: release the potential


The successful path from GRC to truly integrated risk management can be realised through six key building blocks.

Discover how to develop a compliance driven GRC or risk management programme into a truly responsive, dynamic, and integrated RMP and understand the limits of traditional approaches to risk management in the era of increased digital risk.

Room / Location:
Oudegracht 1-5 (Main Conference Room), Level 1

Adopting a full life cycle approach to cloud security: convergence is key


Cloud native applications require different rules and techniques compared to traditional approaches to network security. Using the same security product on end user facing endpoints as you would for server workloads, and continuing to do so during cloud migrations, simply does not meet today’s security requirements.

We address:

  • supporting application growth with a dynamic approach
  • shifting your security options
  • combine CWPP with emerging CSPM
  • account for all evolution in security needs
Room / Location:
Domtoren 1, Level 1

Zero-trust network access: business enabler


The limitations of traditional VPNs have been illuminated the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, enterprises are increasingly adopting zero trust network access as a business enabler. ZTNA allows businesses to control remote access to specific applications at a time when the surge towards remote working looks set embed itself as a preferred method of working for many employers and employees.

We address, how ZTNA keeps business apps hidden from the internet, communicates only to the ZTNA service provider, and can only be accessed via a ZTNA provider’s cloud service.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 3, Level 1

Automating third party risk management


With the right technology in place, businesses can better manage the increasingly complex nature of third-party risk management. The implementation and management of a fully scalable automated TPRM can make your organisation more effective and efficient.

Join the growing list of security and risk leaders who understand that without automation and augmentation businesses will fail in their efforts to securely manage what is an ever-expanding list of partners, contractors, agents, and vendors.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 4, Level 1

Detect and prioritise threats


Being able to provide your security teams with the right kind of technology to detect and prioritise threats is vital if you are to defend against the growing list of hostile actors and the wide variety of ways in which breaches occur. By having the AI security system in place, you will be better able to identify and prioritise threats which can affect the entire business.

We address how the right platform can help you deliver intelligent insights at speed in order for your security team to act quicker.

Room / Location:
Domtoren 5, Level 1

Data leak detection: assessing your level of exposure


Your enterprises sensitive information is already outside of your network, and to a very large extent, outside of your control. This leaves your data vulnerable to being retrieved and embedded within and across various layers of the internet, from the surface web to the dark web.

With the right platform, you can continuously monitor every layer of the internet and gain a comprehensive understanding of your level of exposure as well as what internal remediation may be required.

We address:

  • surface web
  • deep and dark web
  • connected storage
Room / Location:
Domtoren 6, Level 1

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