Enterprise Security & Risk Management

26 March 2019

Victoria Park Plaza




26th March 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



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Visibility and Control: Data, Metrics, Live Information is Critical When Making Decisions During a Crisis

Simon Mullis, Regional Technical Officer, Tanium

When Wanna-Cry et al hit, organisations went in to crisis management mode. Executives demanded live information from the enterprise, but for most organisations, tools that are using 25 year old technologies and architectures meant hours or days delay in receiving critical metrics. Even when data could be provided it was incomplete and could not be acted upon.
When it is all going wrong access to live, up-to-date data is imperative, including access to data that you currently don’t know you need. Once you have the right metrics to make an informed decision about a response, being able to act at scale across the entire enterprise is just as important.
Come and see how an enterprise platform can provide you with the data you need pre- and post- incident to ensure your business can bounce back from critical events.


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Incident Response, Training and a 23 Tonne Truck

Mike Spradbery, Senior Technical Leader, IBM Security UK & Ireland

As cyber incidents are becoming a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ for many companies, join this interactive session where we will explore incident response; the need for cyber security training from the boardroom down and how this all relates to a 23 tonne truck. You will also hear from Diana Moldovan, UKI & Cyber Operations Lead at Aviva who will share insights from her recent experience in a fully immersive cyber range.


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Public Cloud: Risks and Security Considerations

Pascal Gennens, EMEA Security Evangelist, Radware

Organisations are moving applications and workloads to the cloud. Motivations, strategies and objectives behind migrating are quite differing from one organization to the next and even between applications within the organization. Moving assets and applications to the public cloud comes with new risks of exposure. Reaching for the benefits and opportunities of native cloud services and its new technologies such as serverless will shift your security paradigm away from the traditional protections we have come to trust. The attack surface of the public cloud is now defined by privileges and access controls while what once was an insider threat is now to be considered a public threat.

Securing the public cloud infrastructure is only partly the responsibility of your cloud service provider; cloud security is a shared responsibility. Securing your cloud infrastructure only gets you so far. Once applications and/or APIs get published, you are exposing your assets and resources in a completely new way and will require more advanced protections against intrusions, exploits, breaches and attempts to interrupt the availability of your services. More than half of the traffic processed by your online service will consist of automated bot traffic. Managing and distinguishing the good from the bad bots will allow your online business to thrive, failing to do so will seriously inhibit your chances for success.


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AI: Positive forces at work, or false positives?

David Atkinson, Founder & CEO, Senseon

False positives or ‘innocent anomalies’ are a huge distraction for over-stretched security teams who would be better off investigating genuine malicious activity. Join David Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Senseon as he shares insight into his unique AI approach that gathers context and triangulates threats across the entire digital estate. Find out how Senseon automates investigation, reduces false positives and simplifies the security stack to save you time and precious resource.


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Cloud Sacrifice – Not all Clouds are created equal

Paul Martini, Chief Executive Officer, iboss

Hear from Paul Martini, CEO at iboss discussing the topic of Cloud Sacrifice and how not all clouds are created equal. How do you make the right choice when transitioning from an on-premise appliance-based security solution, to a cloud solution whilst ensuring no security capabilities are sacrificed?


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Silent Killers – The Cyber-Attacks You Don’t See In The News

Peter Cohen, Director, Countercept, a division of F-Secure

In order to protect your organization against cyber-attacks in all their forms, it is essential that you go beyond the headlines to know who might target you, and why.
However, despite the enormity of the cyber-attacks that make the headlines – Equifax, Maersk, Sony Pictures, for example – the majority of compromised companies rarely become part of the public vernacular, giving the false impression that it is only a small handful of companies with obvious assets of value that are breached.
Even the attacks that do make the headlines are rarely attributed to any particular group, making the threat landscape seem intangible and nebulous, when it is anything but. Disclosed even less frequently are the long-term consequences of being breached, such as gradual erosion of the bottom line, or even going out of business altogether.

In the seminar;
· We’ll consider the hidden economic impact of unreported cyber-attacks on countries, enterprises, and people – and in particular investors.
· We’ll show how and why such attacks are much more prolific and wide reaching than you would expect.
· We’ll explain the reasons why this is a growing problem.
· We’ll also be launching an exclusive whitepaper – Rethinking Response, a copy of which can be found on your chair.