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…In which our audience is treated to a series of thought-provoking, executive-level keynote addresses, best practice case studies and bespoke seminar sessions.

Enterprise Digital Workplace Conferences

Whitehall Media Enterprise Digital Workplace conferences are rightly regarded as the premier, free to attend a gathering of the most prominent, successful, and expert-level enterprise-grade digital workplace leaders and practitioners. It is only at EDW that we bring together the leading voices and organisations in order to provide our audience with an exclusive insight into the latest technology-enabled industry-leading best practice. By attending EDW you will get a detailed, first-hand account of the latest tools, techniques and technologies which are making a real-world impact across multiple industry sectors.

At a Glance

  • Learn why Whitehall Media is the leading Enterprise Digital Workplace Conference provider
  • Identify what you need to do to become a workplace technology leader
  • Discover the latest tools and techniques being implemented across multiple industry sectors
  • Understand how you can implement bespoke solutions within your organisation
  • Advance your understanding of what your organisation needs to become more data-driven
  • Provide your enterprise with the cutting-edge technology to become global leaders in workplace innovation

Forth coming Enterprise Digital Workplace Conferences

EDW uk

6th July 2021

Why Attend the Enterprise Digital Workplace Conferences


At Whitehall Media, we’re all about breaking down barriers in order to bring together the providers, leaders and practitioners who make the enterprise digital workplace marketplace such a dynamic, innovative, and active place to be.

It is only through the promotion of sustainable, meaningful value-based exchanges that we can successfully navigate our way through the often complex and highly changeable space in which people, processes and technologies come together that we can hope to spark the point at which the seeds of innovation are first sown.


Our EDW conferences invite everyone to become a part of the event and we take great care to factor in what they want to get out of the day. From the conference hall to the breakout sessions, and the exhibition space, these exclusive zones sustain a well-nurtured environment designed with the attendees in mind.

So, whether your motivation for attending is promotional, educational, or commercial, the conditions for debate are very much present. From having  1-1 provider-led discussion in the exhibition space, taking part in the audience Q&A’s which take place throughout the day, or the group breakout sessions, we cater to every need.


Our Enterprise Digital Workplace conferences are centred on the belief that to create the environment for innovation you must first establish the conditions for learning.

From thought-provoking keynote presentations, must attend seminar sessions or not to miss product demonstration, EDW is the place where innovation thrives.

We provide the environment in which new and emerging trends become best practice, expert knowledge and advice are tailored and disseminated, and industry-leading solutions move from concept to reality.

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