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Risk management and Cyber Intelligence is key to public sector security



…At which registered delegates, supporting sponsors, and invited guest speakers immerse themselves within a space designed to support enterprise-level technology-enabled innovation

Enterprise Cyber Security Conferences

Whitehall Media Enterprise Cybersecurity conferences have a long-established record of achievement when it comes to providing our delegates, speakers, and industry partners with a tailored experience. It is for this reason that we have enjoyed many years of consecutive growth within the cybersecurity space. We provide the perfect environment in which to harmonise the key elements which make up a successful event; the right audience, the right presenters; the right sponsors. All situated within a relaxed, non-competitive, and complimentary ecosystem. So, no matter your motivation for wishing to attend, we have the content, connections, and people you need.

At a Glance

  • Learn why Whitehall Media is Europe’s leading enterprise cybersecurity conference provider
  • Identify what you need to do to become a better cybersecurity leader
  • Discover the latest cybersecurity tools and techniques breaking new ground
  • Understand how you can implement cybersecurity solutions within your business
  • Advance your understanding of what your business needs to improve its security posture
  • Get to know your customers better and drive revenue by becoming an organisation which puts security at the core of everything you do

Forth coming Enterprise Cyber Security Conferences

ECS uk

Victoria Park Plaza, London
21 September 2023

Why Attend the Enterprise Cyber Security Conferences


At Whitehall Media we know what makes us a successful organisation; it is the people who attend our events. We are proud of our long standing partnerships with the world’s leading cybersecurity and infosec solution providers, institutions and associations. We’re proud of our new and returning delegates who come to us when in need of exclusive access to the latest tools, techniques and technologies emerging within the market. We’re proud of the fact that the leading voices within enterprise cybersecurity come to us when they need an audience to engage with. It is only at ECS that you will find everything you need in terms of networking, whether with your peers, the guest speakers, or specially selected sponsors.


Our conference zones invite everyone to become a part of the event and we take great care to factor in their reason for attending and accommodate accordingly. From the delegate coming for the content, the speaker coming to command the stage, or the sponsor coming to make business connections, each profile has equal standing. So, whether you wish to take the mic in the conference hall during the panel discussion and audience Q&A’s, register for one of the sponsor-led seminar sessions or immerse yourself within the exhibition space for 1-1 technical deep dive conversations, the opportunities to have your voice heard are many.


We understand that in order to realise the potential of new and emerging ways of working in harmony with technology-enabled solutions it is vital that innovation, wherever possible, is provided a space in which to grow and advance. By bringing together recognised industry experts, security leaders and practitioners, who are rightly regarded as captains of innovation within their area of expertise, we can maximise the opportunity for those initial seeds of influence to turn into future flowers of success.

ECS uk
Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London
27 September 2022

At a Glance

By attending ECS 2022 you will equip yourself with the best opportunity to stay abreast of new and emerging tools and techniques which are designed to support enterprise security and risk management professionals. It is only by attending this event that you will gain first-hand knowledge of the breaking trends which are positively impacting the world of business at a time of increasing complexity and guiding them away from crises and towards stability. Register today to ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to experience keynote presentations, attend interactive seminar sessions, and test out some of the latest products the market has to offer.

By attending ECS 2022 you will

  • Immerse yourself within a highly tailored and dynamically structured conference space
  • Have the opportunity for one to one discussions with industry leading experts
  • Hear from the leading solution providers within the ESRM market
  • Discover ground-breaking case studies in the keynote conference hall
  • Increase your understanding of the latest security and risk management tools and techniques in our dedicated seminar sessions
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded individuals from a range of industry sectors
  • Share your problems and successes in a non-competitive environment

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