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25 November 2020





Evaluate cutting-edge technology and solution providers through our Live Web Seminars by attending solution provider sessions. Connect with your fellow IAM and IT security leaders and dive into thoughtful conversations spurred by powerful sessions and hear directly from the experts behind the latest IAM innovations.

All sessions will be available on-demand after, so you won’t miss anything.  Session times are subject to change. Participants can also connect with peers and experts to ask questions, share insights, and get the most from the leaders in the industry

PLEASE NOTE: All Conference Sessions (including slides) will be presented in English ONLY
Delegates will be able to attend two seminars at the event ‘live’ as they will run in two sessions.
All event footage will be available on demand for a maximum of 2 hours after the session has closed.



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Ensuring Cloud Migration Success with PagerDuty
Andrew Marshall, Director of Product Marketing, PagerDuty

It’s no surprise that business and technology leaders are drawn by the promise of enhanced scalability, business agility, and cost savings — but did you know that 30% of cloud migration projects fail? A cloud-based approach requires new methods to address the increased complexity of hybrid-cloud environments, where siloes can emerge across people, operational processes, and technologies.

The rise of AIOps has enormous potential to connect contextualized information across siloed teams and technology and, where possible, to help automate operations. Join Andrew Marshall, Director of Product Marketing at PagerDuty, as he explores the accelerating trend towards cloud migration, key challenges that exist in a hybrid and multi-cloud world, and how AIOps technologies can be used as a part of that broader strategy.
In this webinar, you will learn how teams migrating to the cloud can:

  • Leverage PagerDuty to help bridge silos across people, processes and technology
  • Quickly adapt to a constantly changing cloud infrastructure, and the new signals you need to track.
  • Adopt a Services model that empowers teams to spend more time innovating, and less time on queued incident response.
  • Effectively manage a hybrid or multi-cloud environment by using AIOps tools.

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