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Enterprise Digital Workplace

25 November 2020

Virtual Summit




25 November 2020

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Has your organisation achieved digital maturity yet?

The current landscape shows that only a small minority of enterprises have achieved some level of digital maturity. Although many businesses are putting in place digital transformation strategies, there are no guarantees that they will succeed. We discuss how you can scale and measure your digital maturity level, leverage your current strategies, and can the ones that drag you down.



Raising your Organisation’s Digital IQ

Many enterprises rate low in Digital IQ/Data Literacy rates. This will have a direct impact on their ability to achieve key milestones in their digital transformation roadmaps. We explore tools that help you determine your employees’ Digital IQ, their strengths and weaknesses and design strategies that will boost your employees’ digital literacy standards.



Harnessing your Employees’ voice

Benchmarking, examining the return on investment of your programmes and researching successful cases will help you develop a robust and achievable digital workplace programme. But for your strategies to succeed, they must be tailored to your company’s needs and more importantly, tailored your employee’s needs. We examine tools that will help you identify what your employees need in order to design and reshape your programmes over time.



How Collaborative Tools Can Help Your Enterprise

Imagine writing, processing, reimagining, storing, messaging, and more, all in one combined friendly interface where employees can interact, share, meet, and give feedback at any time, from any device and from anywhere they like. We explore how to implement collaborative tools that meet employees’ needs and ensure successful employee engagement.



Data and Machine Learning, tackling the ethical and regulatory issues for your workplace

Data and Machine Learning have already changed the way enterprises and public institutions make decisions. However, such strategies come with a price; they need to ensure regulatory and ethical compliance. The regulatory standards are rising, transforming ethical and regulatory compliance into a critical issue to address. We explore strategies that can efficiently achieve regulatory compliance without compromising the digital advances that data and machine learning can offer your enterprise.



Let’s get physical: Digital Workplace is not only about virtual tools

While Digital Workplace is all about the latest virtual collaborative tools, especially for workers that do not work at an office anymore, physical offices still exist. There is a need to achieve the perfect balance between virtual and physical tools. We explore how space management software can help you build an environment that is optimised for employee engagement, investigate space that is often unused, leverage IoT to schedule tasks that will be less disruptive to your employees, and overall, how to design physical spaces that help the digital workplace thrive.



Excellent Employee Experience = Improved Performance

Employee experience is not only a buzzword, it also relates to the interaction between the employees and their workplace. While creating digital workplace strategies to implement new technologies is the first step, ensuring that your employees are engaging with the digital ecosystem is vital for your investment project to succeed. We look at tools that can help you to improve your employee experience and ultimately boost the performance of your digital workplace initiatives.



Shaping a Digital Workplace Programme Is Not Easy: Here’s Why

We know that regardless of how innovative, well-thought and well-designed your digital workplace programme is, governing it is a difficult task. In this seminar, we explore powerful engines that not only help you plan your strategies but also successfully oversee and implement them over time.


Intranet collaborative platforms

Employees increasingly seek more user-friendly platforms to collaborate with their peers. Whether it is for HR purposes, for news sharing, for improving productivity or for employee’s directory, a social intranet can help operations and processes for all departments and functions. ‘

In this seminar, we explore how to implement social intranets and the benefits they can bring to your enterprise.