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25 November 2020




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EDW 2020 – VIRTUALCONFEX – The Live Virtual Summit will feature a mix of keynotes, panel discussions and covering the most IAM deployment issues so join us live if you can!

Be sure to check back as we enhance the agenda to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. We look forward to your participation in EDW 2020 VIRTUALCONFEX.

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Conference Chair’s Opening Address

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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What is the workplace? A digital, cultural and physical transformation

Dominique Tan, Enterprise Transformation Lead, JP Morgan Chase & Co

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Innovating on the workplace is at the complex intersection of our digital, cultural and physical environments. Based on our experiences at a global financial institution, this talk explores what it means to design and implement impact in this space, including: –

  • Creating an environment where real estate, culture and technology can collaborate
  • Designing end to end testing of the holistic employee experience
  • Enabling persona-based approaches to avoid one size fits all solutioning
Remote working and sustaining a company culture for your employees: A blueprint for success

Lisa Chaikin, Global Marketing Director, Awin

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This presentation will provide a blueprint for companies who, since moving to remote working, now face the challenge of sustaining their company culture to ensure the wellbeing and engagement of their staff whilst protecting company culture, values, and recruitment opportunities.

Using Awin as the basis for the case study, we will explore the processes and initiatives that have led Awin’s cultural migration to online-only. Providing implementable takeaways for companies wanting to follow in a similar direction, the presentation will address the key challenges in sustaining a culture that continues to involve, interact with, and protect its employees.

  • A guide to how employee wellness became a core pillar in Awin’s global corporate strategy during the transition to remote working
  • Understand the importance of employee wellness, and the processes and initiatives required to maintain your company culture while transitioning to a remote working environment
  • Explore the common challenges companies now face in cultivating an engaging and inclusive working environment, and how to overcome them
  • Take away key learnings that will inform your company’s strategy, recruitment efforts and online-working evolution moving forwards
Healthy, Wealthy and Working? – The life of a Remote worker

Tim Hiscox, Head of Digital Workplace, Maintel

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Tim will discuss:

  • Productivity Management
  • Employee welfare
  • Security & Governance
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Optimising processes
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Welcome to Session two

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Navigating the Digital Workplace with Jamf

Clare Smith, Key Account Manager – Existing Accounts, Jamf

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Ross Drummond, Systems Engineer, UK & Ireland, Jamf

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With technology now being even more important to the employee experience with the recent pivot to a more remote workforce, hear how Jamf Clients are:
o Reviewing their digital transformation strategy
o Planning for scale and focusing on the employee experience with technology
o On-boarding new employees and pivoting to remote working

Covid-19; Heathrow Airports digital journey before, during and the future

Louise Brown, Digital Services Lead, Heathrow 

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Heathrow is committed to giving passengers the best airport experience in the world, handling 80 million passengers in 2018 but how did this affect this national infrastructure when Covid 19 struck and how did Heathrow continue to connect and collaborate with 76,000 Team Heathrow colleagues, their employees and passengers whilst working remotely and where is the digital future taking the airport?

  • The Pre-Covid-19 view of Heathrow Airport, the best-connected airport in the world
  • How did Covid-19 impact Britain’s busiest airport?
  • How does Heathrow communicate, collaborate, and connect?
  • What does the digital future hold for Heathrow and how we are looking ahead?
Lumapps Case Study
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welcome to session three

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Netmotion Case Study
Where is my office?

George Muir, Former Process Developer and Futurist, IKEA; Founder & CEO, Udal Cuain AB

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The majority of businesses have had a traditional workplace approach. Their employees commute to their workplace every working day as they perform their work tasks.

One of the consequences of COVID-19 was the immediate shift from the traditional workplace directly to working from home (WFH).

As we are preparing to return to the office, several issues have been raised around where I shall work? And how will we work?

Let me introduce a new way of working OMNIWORKING! This keynote will describe the evolution from traditional workplaces to a modern distributed employee and workplace network.

Delivering on the Digital Urgency for Customer Service in the Pandemic Era and Beyond

Stephen Kennedy, Director of Solutions, eGain

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Consumers have gone digital in a hurry in the pandemic era with younger demographics pushing to do more with digital and older demographics, especially driven by Covid contact risk, forced onboard. Meanwhile, “digital or die” has become “digital now or die” for businesses with full or partial lockdowns and a cloud of economic uncertainty hanging over their heads. This has catapulted digital transformation of customer service and engagement back to the top of the executive agenda. How can contact centers deliver on this new, urgent imperative?

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welcome to session four

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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Case Study – How an Employee Engagement App Can Help to Transform an Organisation

Nicholas Wardle, Co-founder of the Employee Experience Opportunity and Head of Employee Engagement and Communication, One Housing 

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One Housing is transforming from being a traditional, hierarchical organisation to becoming a modern, flexible and fun place to work. Key to this has been a fresh approach to its internal communications, including letting go of controlling the message. From this case study, you will learn how One Housing:

  • Identified the requirement for an employee engagement app
  • Made the business case for IT
  • Used lessons learned from previous change projects
  • Almost effortlessly, successfully launched Workplace by FACEBOOK
  • Leverages the platform to embed its values, employer brand and more
Supporting Digital Wellbeing in the Remote Work Era

Nigel Woods, EMEA Business Development Manager, Flexxible IT

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Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our day-to-day lives both at home and at work. As organizations shift operations to support more remote working, employees are finding that once where collaboration was face-to-face, technology has taken its place and their work life is now predominantly digital.

While technology plays a helpful and critical role in our daily work life, it can also distract us and become counterproductive. As our lives become more technology integrated, employers have a responsibility to ensure the products and systems they deploy support the digital wellbeing of employees.

Join us to find out how organizations are using Apps2Digital as their platform for digital wellbeing management.

Digital Transformation – getting to grips with what it actually is

Mivy James, Digital Transformation Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

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Almost every organisation and government department have a digital transformation on its mind, yet there’s a lot of different views as to what this really means. It’s easy to think of it as rolling out a particular new technology such as cloud-based technologies or machine learning, but it doesn’t end there.  So how do we know when we’ve achieved digital transformation?

This talk demystifies some of the core elements of digital transformation such as:

  • Getting the best out of “agile”
  • Lessons learnt the hard way
  • Engaging the enterprise in cultural change
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welcome to session six

David Terrar, Director and Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

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The Less Advertised Route to Teams Roll out

Clare Schaeffer, Enterprise Service Manager – Digital Workspace and Mobility, Arriva

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Teams was not something that was originally given executive support. A great many other things took priority and our maturity level was not ready for Teams.

  • No Exec sponsorship
  • No budget
  • No resource in the form of people
  • Tangible Successes
Human(e) Digital Connection

Jane Piper, Organisational Psychologist, Pipsy

Jane Piper speaker
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Zoom fatigue, information overload and techno-stress – words we are hearing a lot during the pandemic. The last update of our brains was 200,000 years ago, but your iPhone was upgraded just a few days ago. Technology advances and digital transformation are creating new opportunities but also new challenges for employees and customers.

We look at the neuroscience to understand how to truly connect and engage with customers and employees asking:

  • Why digital collaboration doesn’t work the same as face-to-face
  • How cognitive overload and stress slows down transformation
  • How can we build trust in age digital?

Practical ideas and thought-provoking questions to understand the psychology of technology human interaction in a digital age.

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