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6 July 2021

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Sentencing on Computer Misuse Act for Data Theft
In swift action for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), two individuals found violating the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) 1990 via the theft of personal data in a bid to make nuisance calls have been successfully prosecuted. Former RAC employee Kim Doyle was found guilty with the transfer of personal data to accident claims management firms...
Compensation Due for BA Hack Victims
Following on from last year’s British Airways cyber attack could be an even more costly measure for the airline giant, a movement by lawyers urging victims to claim a potential £2,000 compensation could provide financial strain for the business. A Hefty Year On September 27th 2018, British Airways revealed to its customers and staff that...
People’s Energy = Thieves Motivation
In the never-ending cycle of data breach news to hit us in 2020 has come in the form of environmental provider People’s Energy, continuing an attack on the energy industry with personal information on all former and current domestic customers accessed. Theft Not So Friendly In this latest cyberattack episode, thieves were able to access...