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6 July 2021

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UK Launches Cyber Security Council
Members of the Cyber Security Alliance have set up the government-mandated UK Cyber Security Council – a professional body championing the UK cyber sector. The group officially launched at the end of March as an independent at the close of its formation project. Heading the group is longtime CISO Claudia Natanson, an expert in both...
UK Cyber Security Hits Record Year
A recent government report has showcased the record levels of investment in 2020 in the UK cybersecurity sector as a direct result of the global pandemic and the requirement of home-based online working. Record Collecting It was calculated that more than £800 million was invested into the sector with an increase in the number of...
Fuse is Lit on the Data Breach Bomb
In surveys conducted by F-Secure, it has been found that three in ten respondents had experienced a form of cybercrime – ranging from malware or virus infection to email/account hacking and fraud. This is just in the previous 12 months to boot. However, this figure then would rise to six out of ten when surveying...