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6 July 2021

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Programme @ EDW uk

Session One

  • Why digital transformation should be a is C-suite level concern
  • Enterprise Talent strategy: perfecting your approach
  • Reconstituting the office environment: from the physical to the digital
  • Workforce migration: what matters most?
  • How to maintain business productivity with a distributed workforce
  • Managing identities in a virtual setting
  • King of the clouds: one cloud to rule them all?


Conference Chair’s Opening Address


Why digital transformation should be a C-suite level concern

Digital transformation initiatives have long been seen by C-suite level executives as a nice to have, optional extra which can, at best, make improvements around the edges rather than deliver wholesale change for the better.

We address, why digital transformation needs to be a business-wide mission, how to avoid downward delegating, promote senior ownership, and why it’s vital for your organisation’s success.


How to integrate new and emerging tech with traditional processes

Bringing together seemingly disparate technology solutions for the mutual benefit of the business provides your workforce with a tech-led cutting edge in process innovation.

The question is, how do we identify the technologies which are fundamental to process optimisation whilst ensuring scalability and interoperability?

We explore the key applications that can then drive the implementation of convergent technologies into your current systems.


Enterprise Talent strategy: perfecting your approach

We talk through how to establish sustainable routes for junior staff within your organisation to become future leaders, ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time and how the creation of an ecosystem of progression can protect against future risk.

  • The role of digitisation and digitalisation in nurturing junior talent for technology-enabled roles
  • How learning has moved on from the traditional top-down approach
  • How to develop new talent in a holistic and collaborative way
  • Ensuring the business is future-proofing against losing talent to competitors


Reconstitute the office environment: from the physical to the digital

As COVID-19 quickly moved from being a local concern to a truly global one, in a matter of weeks, if not days, long-held practices and processes had to either be substantially adapted or abandoned altogether in an effort to react to the need to distribute workforces and consolidate business activity.

We address, the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 crisis, how best to transition from in-person to remote working, the role of your existing technology suite in maintaining key business functions, and the importance of allowing the space for employee-led, technology-backed approaches to solution identification.


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


Refreshment Break Served in the Exhibition Area


How to maintain business productivity with a distributed workforce

In order to increase worker productivity and avoid the most common activity lag pitfalls, it’s vital that business leaders equip their teams with the latest tools which are designed to make remote group working more responsive and digestible through the utilisation of text-based conversations and dissemination of key business-related data in real-time.

We address, how not to take productivity for granted by sourcing and implementing the tools which support remote working, prevent the growth of siloed practices and processes, and streamline communication and collaboration.


Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms


Seminar Sessions


Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session Two

  • Manage identities in a virtual setting
  • King of the clouds: one cloud to rule them all?
  • Alleviate the weight of heavy workloads
  • Make better use of enterprise data
  • What does enterprise-grade really mean and why does it matter?
  • Infrastructure as a service


Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address


Manage identities in a virtual setting

The task of ensuring unencumbered employee access to and engagement with the enterprise network continues to be fraught with risk. With the COVID crisis added to the mix, this vital task has been made even more difficult to master as the reality of today’s employee ecosystem means that IAM practitioners are having to onboard and offboard a mix of consultants, contractors, and other third party actors.

We address:

  • How to foster a relationship in place of face to face interactions
  • Ensuring third party understanding of role and responsibility
  • Where to source additional resources to support virtual actors and agents
  • Practical tools to support distanced identification and verification


King of the clouds: one cloud to rule them all?

Whilst the temptation to source a one size fits all cloud solution is difficult to deny, it’s important to remember that the need to support increased capacity as more and more workloads move to the cloud must come before any tempting shortcuts.

When choosing which technology to go with it is vital that you make the right decision for your business.

By adopting a multi-cloud, hybrid approach in your cloud journey you will be able to transform your approach to digital-backed productivity and revolutionise your IT estate.

We address, how you can work faster, better, smarter, and cheaper with a hybrid approach to cloud adoption.


Alleviate the weight of heavy workloads

Designing, building, implementing, and managing the perfect workflow for every project can create a more agile, innovative, and collaborative organisation.

We address, how to strengthen collaboration, build total alignment on business projects, respond to information sharing in real time and provide feedback in seconds, and never miss a moment again with holistic workforce notification and communication.

We address:

  • Move ideas to action faster
  • Hit project goals and meet deadlines
  • Single source of truth dashboards
  • Align your team with any feature imaginable
  • Opt for ready-made or individually tailored templates
  • Integrate your favourite tools


Questions to the panel of speakers


Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area


Make better use of enterprise data

Data-driven insights which fail to materialise into actionable outcomes are a waste of enterprise activity. Despite this, many organisations are guilty of failing to move from pilot to production when it comes to data-led initiatives.

One of the leading causes of the gap between ambition and realisation is the lack of union between scientific and engineering technologies and processes.

We address, the analytics principles and practices you need to understand where your technology choices need to converge, how this will assist you in making the right technology choices for your data science function.


What does enterprise grade really mean and why does it matter?

Pace, resilience, and scalability are the pillars upon which mobile and IoT application development can prosper within the enterprise ecosystem. What impacts the performance of these key elements is unreliable and crowded networks which stand in the way of seamless operationalisation.

We address, how to implement a bespoke, enterprise-grade, solution which is able to integrate with new and existing application architectures, provide a flexible, reactive, and efficient data layer, and solve the challenge of business application data management.


Infrastructure as-a-service

We will explore how infrastructure-as-code has helped to deliver environments across the non-production estate–the integration of servers and application code packaged it as a single release.

We will also explore the benefits this has brought in terms of better environment availability, significant cost reduction with a pay as you go model rather than a vendor lock-in, and greater degrees of developer efficiency.


Questions to the Panel of Speakers


Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair


Conference Closes

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