Four Common Mistakes in IRM and How to Build an Effective Incident Response Plan

In its report, The State of Ransomware 2020, we found more than half of organisations were hit by ransomware in the last year, and nearly three-quarters of attack victims said the cybercriminal succeeded in encrypting their data.

It’s a growing dilemma for businesses, who are reliant on their cyber security to offer an optimum resolution to posing threats and maintaining the quality of their daily usage online.

But for IT professionals and executives, it’s easy to undervalue basic reasons on how to stay cyber safe.

This presentation highlights the four common cybersecurity incident response mistakes: 1. Waiting too long to react 2. Declaring “mission accomplished” too soon 3. Relying on complete visibility 4. Assuming you can handle your issues on your own.

Many firms have conceded that cyber security is an ongoing task that requires full investment and time to make their stakeholders completely satisfied, and here, we focus on ways it can help your business within three key areas: protection, visibility and expertise.

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