Kevin Fielder

Kevin is an innovative and dynamic security professional, with a passion for driving change by successfully engaging with all levels of the business. He is passionate about the benefits of cognitive diversity as a key ingredient of successful organisations.

He believes that security should be made a key differentiator to drive sales and customer retention, not just a cost centre.

Kevin has been a board advisor to multiple start-ups and industry groups, such as The Cybermaniacs, LT Harper, ClubCISO, and an advisory council member to ISC2 UK. He has previously been the CISO for FNZ Group and JustEat. He’s currently the CISO at NatWest Boxed, a joint venture between NatWest and Vodeno, building the UK’s premier provider of banking-as-a-service, and Mettle, a small business bank account by NatWest.

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