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Enterprise Cyber Security

21 September 2023

Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London

Seminar Presentations @ ECS uk

The Purpose of Endpoint Security: Stopping cyber threats or making you feel good?


Eoin McGrath, Solutions Engineer, Threatlocker

The plethora of security vendors operating in today’s marketplace can be overwhelming. With so many options, it’s easy to be distracted with the latest, greatest, shiny tool. Join Eoin McGrath for a deep dive into the purpose of cybersecurity and how you can use that to your operational advantage today.

Eoin McGrath – SEMINAR
Solutions Engineer, Threatlocker
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Room / Location:
Main Conference Room

Generative AI – Block, Allow…or Educate?


Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA, Netskope

The use of Generative AI apps in the enterprise continues to grow monthly and the increase in sensitive data being posted to apps and services continues to increase. So what is the answer? With businesses demanding they need to utilise the latest technical advancements from GenAI, how does an organisation protect themselves from services that may misuse the data beyond the usual block or allow control.

Join Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA for Netskope, as he discusses the latest findings in Netskope’s “AI Apps in the Enterprise” study conducted over the past 6 months to identify how organisations are controlling these services today and what the optimal future strategy looks like in the form of block, allow and/or educate.

Neil Thacker – SEMINAR
CISO EMEA, Netskope
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Room / Location:
Edward 1 Room

Enterprise cyber risk: how to manage and mitigate at scale


Mihai Butu, EMEA Channel Sales & GTM Manager, Vulcan Cyber

Enterprises today use multiple tools to collect information for risk identification and vulnerability management. As the attack surface keeps growing, more and more tools are added to the mix, resulting in thousands of new vulnerabilities discovered on a regular basis.

But how can we ensure our security and compliance efforts scale as our business grows?

Attend this session to learn:

  1. 2023 Cyber risk market insights and trends
  2. The four steps to an enterprise-grade cyber risk management program
  3. How to scale the process of managing vulnerabilities effectively
  4. How Vulcan Cyber can help you own infrastructure, application, and cloud risks from one place
Mihai Butu
EMEA Channel Sales & GTM Manager, Vulcan Cyber
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Room / Location:
Edward 3 Room

You’ll never have less data than you do today. Data Security is no longer a choice.


Stuart Wilson, Senior Manager – Sales Engineering, Northern Europe, Forcepoint

Whilst the average enterprise is currently responsible for around 348 TBs of data, the message is clear; this will increase considerably over a short period of time. You and your organisation will never have less data than you do today. Data Security may no longer be a choice but you do have a choice in how you secure your data.

Join this session with Forcepoint to hear about:

– The real-life challenge of “data everywhere”

– The many channels responsible for data loss

– Why data sensitivity can reduce the ROI on your other assets

– How you can mitigate risk when the target is constantly moving

Stuart Wilson
Senior Manager – Sales Engineering, Northern Europe, Forcepoint
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Room / Location:
Edward 5 Room

Zero Trust, Zero Phish: Building resilience against multichannel threats


Phill Toms, SASE & Zero Trust Specialist EMEA, Cloudflare

As enterprise threats proliferate in type and scope, phishing threats maintain their position as a top concern for organizations of all sizes. Phishing attacks have grown in sophistication, so much so that traditional approaches to email security are no longer sufficient to prevent the most dangerous attacks – those designed specifically to target particular organizations as well as individual users. A recent Cloudflare-commissioned global Forrester Consulting survey found that, while firms are largely unprepared for phishing threats that engage users across various communication and collaboration channels, platforms that support a Zero Trust approach enable security decision-makers to minimize the risk of user exploitation, improve business resiliency, and strengthen customer trust and brand reputation. In this session with Phil, you\’ll learn more about the survey results and how organisations are leveraging Zero Trust to combat multichannel phishing threats.

Phill Toms
SASE & Zero Trust Specialist EMEA, Cloudflare
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Room / Location:
Edward 7 Room

Practical uses for AI for improving threat monitoring and incident response


Anna Webb, Head of Security Operations, Kocho

Cut through the AI hype, and discover practical use cases for AI and how you can put it to use to protect your organisation. Anna Webb (Kocho’s Head of Security Operations) will showcase Microsoft’s latest AI capabilities in Copilot, Sentinel and Defender, and show how they can be used holistically to improve visibility of threats and effectiveness of response.

Anna will step through some typical scenarios, including:

  • Streamlining incident response data into digestible plain English reports.
  • Targeted threat hunting with Kusto Query Language (KQL) development.
  • Producing comprehensive emerging threat reports and recommended mitigating actions.

Also discover how a Microsoft based managed security operations service can relieve internal pressures on skills, resources, budgets and more.

Anna Webb
Head of Security Operations, Kocho
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Room / Location:
Albert 3 Room

Accelerate Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessments: Leveraging Workflow, Data and AI


Joel Brandon, Director, EMEA,  ProcessUnity

Sophia Corsetti, Senior Product Specialist, ProcessUnity

Are slow or low-quality assessment responses keeping you from understanding your third-party risk? Having both breadth and depth of data from a reliable source is crucial to make your vendor assessments less painful and get the risk information you need. In this session, we’ll explore the top solutions organizations use to increase the accuracy, speed and value of their assessments.

Add this session to your agenda to learn how to:

-Get higher-quality data from hard-to-assess vendors

-Leverage emerging AI use cases to retrieve and analyze data

-Take meaningful action from assessment insights

Joel Brandon
Director, EMEA,  ProcessUnity
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Sophia Corsetti
Senior Product Specialist, ProcessUnity
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Room / Location:
Albert 2 Room

CISO perspective – Shifting AppSec to Enable Business Growth and Developer Adoption


Sam Barfoot, Office of the CISO, Checkmarx

Digital transformation is still a top priority for C-suites and boards around the world, creating an opportunity to reframe the role of the CISO to secure that transformation. This positioning offers a chance for greater alignment between security, development, and the rest of the business – and AppSec has a major role to play in aligning these interests.

Come to this session and find out why ‘84% of CISOs say that they are called into sales engagements related to closing sales of their company’s products and services highlighting the growing impact of AppSec on business growth’*. We will discuss:

  • Business Growth: Best practices on how DevOps, Security and Technology teams can collaborate to deliver secure applications and accelerate transformation.
  • Developer Experience: Case studies on improving developer experience and engagement to maximise the value of AppSec
  • Leadership Buy In: How to translate the value of AppSec to management and the board to increase investment in security transformation

*According to a recent Checkmarx Survey

Sam Barfoot
Office of the CISO, Checkmarx
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Room / Location:
Albert 1 Room

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