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21 September 2021

Victoria Park Plaza, London

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Cryptocurrency Theft Sees 10 Jailed
In the latest data theft news circles, ten hackers have been arrested around the world following a series of ‘sim swapping’ attacks targeted at high-profile victims in the United States. The aim was to hijack phone numbers of famous musicians, sports stars and online influencers as well as family members which allowed them to steal...
Current Attack Trends on Organizations
Of the many threats that industry spanning worldwide organizations face and continue to be on the uprise, the most common and intractable is Ransomware. Whilst many organizations are adapting improvements to better combat and recover from attacks, ransomware threat actors are also adjusting their attack models also. By September 2020, 1 in every 4 attacks...
The Most Effective Techniques to Protect Yourself Online
As the year’s go on and more and more people turn their daily lives into internet soap operas, the ever growing list of what is considered a data breach and casualties continues to widen from marketers tracing every step you take online to photographs being pillaged on social networks. There are however tactics that can...