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ECS uk

Enterprise Cyber Security

21 September 2021

Victoria Park Plaza, London

Programme @ ECS uk

Session one

building back better

  • People, process, and technology: securing your digital transformation
  • CISO talk: communicating risk to the board
  • Third party risk: assess, exchange, monitor
  • Cybersecurity ROI: counting the cost of inaction
  • Cybersecurity talent strategy: is it a gap or a shortage?
  • Defending the cloud
  • Cyber resilience: adopting a more muscular approach to security

09:00 (GMT)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

09:15 (GMT)

People, process, and technology: securing your digital transformation

Digital transformation initiatives, a constant feature of today’s enterprise environment, often fail to account for the need to upgrade security infrastructure in line with other technology-enabled change.

Unless you bring your security team with you, your digital transformation initiatives will fail to move beyond the pilot stage to full production.

We address:

  • How to align your digital transformation programme with your security
  • Identify the workplace applications and capabilities that IT needs
  • Develop and deploy new technologies with integrated security features

09:35 (GMT)

CISO talk: communicating risk to the board

Expanding spaces for workplace innovation, the emergence of new business models, and rapidly evolving technologies are transforming the business landscape and impacting companies’ strategic plans and prospects for sustainable, long-term value creation.

In a world fraught with business disruption, we address the importance of effective, ongoing dialogue between security leaders and the board, how to design the right relationships and ensure appropriate resources support cybersecurity management systems.

09:50 (GMT)

Third party risk: assess, exchange, monitor

The business-third party dynamic requires an enormous amount of trust and a significant degree of security in order to be a reliable, flexible, and robust part of your productivity portfolio.

From your security, procurement, sourcing, IT, and privacy teams, the touchpoints are many and the vulnerabilities ever-expanding as the number of contractors, consultants, advisers, and fixed-term employees grows in line with business activity.

We address:

  • Vet and manage vendor risks in real-time
  • Proactively monitor vendors to protect against emerging threats
  • Manage third party risk management lifecycle with greater efficiency
  • How risk exchanges offer a mature approach to vendor monitoring

10:05 (GMT)

Cybersecurity ROI: counting the cost of inaction

Historically, enterprise boardrooms were an environment in which the needs of security teams failed to be regarded in the same way as the more obvious revenue-generating elements of the business. Today, the picture is more positive as IT becomes more integrated with the business.

Being able to prove ROI in cybersecurity requires you to evaluate the cost of a potential breach and the most cost-effective solution to industry-specific threats.

We address, the steps you need to take to ensure you’re breach ready and what to do if not.

10:20 (GMT)

Security talent strategy: is it a gap or a shortage?

The lack of a well-formulated talent strategy leaves many businesses without an adequately staffed IT security team.

A common critique is that current strategies rarely envisage moving beyond the onboarding process and fail to train junior staff through a well-structured development path which leads to them gaining the experience required to become the senior leaders of the future.

  • We address:
  • Revisiting your recruitment process
  • How to accelerate and improve your process
  • Encouraging applications from untypical candidates
  • The importance of having a diverse workforce
  • Organisational success through strategic decision making

10:35 (GMT)

Question to the panel of Speakers

10:50 (GMT)

Refreshment Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:30 (GMT)

Defending the cloud

The challenges facing organisations as they migrate to the cloud are many. The hybrid cloud in particular, whilst offering increased accessibility to data sources across public and private platforms, can widen the attack surface for cyber criminals.

We address, whether to use traditional security toolsets or adopt cloud native security tools, the conflict between innovation and control, and how you should respond to a security incident in the cloud.

11:45 (GMT)

Cyber resilience: adopting a more muscular approach to security

What does it mean to be cyber resilient? Many organisations are focused on it as a key business goal without fully understanding what it means to be truly resilient.

By adopting a more muscular approach to cybersecurity, you can strengthen your architecture, identify what’s missing from your infrastructure, better support your workforce, and advance your knowledge and understanding of how to protect and recover vital assets should the worse happen.

Join us as we map out what you need to do in order to become a more resilient, robust, flexible, and dynamic organisation.

12:00 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms

12:15 (GMT)

Seminar Sessions

13:00 (GMT)

Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session two

gaining technical insights, identifying best practice, securing your architecture and infrastructure

  • When disaster strikes: detect, deter, respond
  • Cybersecurity assurance: secure your systems
  • Detect threats in real-time: cloud native cybersecurity monitoring
  • Understanding IoT risk
  • Protecting your mobile workforce: remote working in the age of COVID
  • Winning the war against Phishing attacks

14:00 (GMT)

Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address

14:05 (GMT)

When disaster strikes: detect, deter, respond

Polina Abdoulina
Senior Data Scientist, OKR Program Lead, TNT Digital / FedEx
view profile

Above all else, when an incident is declared, the speed of the response is emphasised as being central to the business response. So, what do you need to do in order to stop them early?

We address, the types of attacks to look out for, their key characteristics, how to structure your security team, and how to respond without disrupting business continuity.

14:20 (GMT)

Cybersecurity assurance: secure your systems

Sarah Westphal
Senior Product Owner, a.s.r. analytics lab
view profile

With an increasing convergence between IT and OT, the OT domain is becoming more of a target for hackers. This is leading to the role of security leaders and practitioners to expand beyond traditional IT-related responsibilities.

We address:

  • Putting in place mechanisms to evaluate and report on security controls
  • Aligning with best practice
  • Improving stakeholder confidence
  • Reducing operational risk following an attack
  • Avoiding the exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Brand protection

14:35 (GMT)

Detect threats in real-time: cloud native cybersecurity monitoring

Sanne Menning
Lead Data Scientist, Albert Heijn
view profile

The continuously evolving and multi-layered cyber realm constitutes a real and present threat to an enterprises ability to enable operations, maintain productivity, achieve value, build the customer base, and generate revenue.

With cloud-native cybersecurity monitoring, you can better detect threats in real-time across your applications, network, and infrastructure.

We address, how to accelerate cybersecurity investigations with detailed observability data.

  • Breakdown information silos
  • Integrate your developer, security, and ops teams
  • Improve collaboration across your business
  • Adopt a unified platform

14:50 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

15:00 (GMT)

Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area

15:30 (GMT)

Understanding IoT risk

Pieter van Geel
Director of Data, Greenhouse (part of WPP}
view profile

As more and more organisations use a mix of sensors and sophisticated software applications to create a variety of smart apps and devices, hackers are taking advantage of this better-connected world in which everything has a sensor and finding new ways in which to exploit enterprise security.

We address, the security posture you need to adopt to better understand your vulnerabilities, the right tools for protection, and how to stay ahead of the threats posed by the ever-changing IoT ecosystem.

15:45 (GMT)

Protecting your mobile workforce: remote working in the age of COVID

Kat James
Head of Data Science, Royal Mail
view profile

The great migration to home working in the age of COVID has required a re-think on how to best protect against the additional vulnerabilities that come with employee and device spread.

From MDM to EMM, the time has come to advance the means by which we secure mobile with unified endpoint management {UEM}.

We address:

  • Mobile security through an AI-enabled platform
  • Cloud-based, integrated platform
  • Deploying a secure, productive, and self-learning solution
  • Make rapid, better-informed decisions

16:00 (GMT)

Winning the war against Phishing attacks

Arno Van Sloun
Lead Data Scientist, ARAG
view profile

With the use of new and emerging tech, hostile actors are developing more effective phishing attacks and increasingly difficult to decipher impersonations. From social media platforms to cloud based communication apps, new online threats are presenting themselves on a daily basis.

Rather than succumb to the increasingly polluted threat landscape, cybersecurity leaders and practitioners can utilise new technologies and tools in order to achieve victory against impersonations and phishing attacks.

We address:

  • AI-based protection
  • Protect against phishing and account takeover
  • Block threats at source
  • AI-based threat detection
  • Zero-admin functionality

16:15 (GMT)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

16:25 (GMT)

Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair

16:30 (GMT)

Conference Closes

Please note:
Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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