Enterprise Cyber Security 2020



22 September 2020






“Looking forward to having the slides and audio recordings of the presentations as there was some very interesting topics and material covered which I would like to go over and adopt some into our organisation.” – WEST SUFFOLK NHS FOUNDATION TRUST, Documentation Analyst.

“I work in the fraud risk space and attended the conference to increase my knowledge on products aimed at cyber security, and to explore their possible applications for fraud risk mgmt. I found the conference quite useful as it met my requirements.” – CITI, Global ICG Fraud Risk Oversight Head

“Very good standard and reasonable mix of speakers. Most had long enough to be focused and stay interesting.” – ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, Security Lead.

“Venue was easy to get to, and generally the facilities were fine. One thing that I thought was very effective was limiting the speakers to only 15 minutes. That forced them to concentrate on what really mattered and kept the event moving along.” – WILLIS TOWERS WATSON, Global IS Governance Manager.

“This was put together really well.” – UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL, Network Analyst.

“It was absolutely fantastic, well done team. Free entry was a great way of doing it and will ensure a wider audience.” – ALDERMORE, Compliance Monitoring Manager.

“Very slick and well organised.” – THAMES VALLEY POLICE, Intelligence Manager.

“Excellent conferences. Good central venue. Amazing speakers. Keep it up, guys!”  – ALLIANZ, Technology Risk Manager. 

“Excellent organisation as always and some interesting speakers.”  –L&G, Security Manager. 

“Well attended and a useful information resource as well as interesting professionally” INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS, Cyber Security Manager.

“As a novice I found the content very interesting and useful. Staff were very friendly. Best conference I’ve been to.” – INSTITUTE OF FUNDRAISING, Compliance Manager. 

“Overall a valuable event.” – CITI, Global ICG Fraud Risk Oversight Head 

“The presentations all worked well together and were of good length so that there was a good pace of delivery” TSB, Senior Audit Manager.

“This was an excellent conference. I have rated all the talks high because I will be able to use all the material immediately! My work involves understanding trust and risk management in Internet of Things and in influencing how I will impact on Smart Energy. Brilliant! Good event, good management. Hit the spot for me….” TRUSTED RENEWABLES & SMART HOMES & BUILDINGS ASSOCIATION, Chief Executive Officer.

“Good presentation style, great content, thought provoking session” RSA GROUP, Senior Risk Manager.

“Excellent conference, highly recommended” WORLDLINE, Technical Operations Architect.

“I thought the business focused and more self-aware look at Security was much needed and I learnt more from that than a long technical discussion would have” NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY, Programme Architect.

“Very well presented with a mix of slides and live demos. Very good interaction with the audience” GD UK, BD Manager for IA.

“Excellent mix of risk-focused content” UCL, Head of Risk and Assurance.

“Well attended and a useful information resource as well as interesting professionally” INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS, Cyber Security Manager.

“Overall very good conference, well done all involved!” QBE, Documentation Analyst.


“I’ve found todays conference very useful; there’s been a lot of footfall. We’ve been really busy talking to customers and the really engaging conversations that we’ve had. It’s also been very well organised with pretty good food as well, which is a bonus” VARONIS, Accounts Manager.

“I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by todays conference. It’s my first time visiting and what I was surprised to find was that the speakers were of a varied background, so I wasn’t just getting pure risk folks, we were getting security, we were also getting the executive and the board level” TANIUM, Senior Director of Technical Account Management.

“I think the delegates are superior to most conferences. They have both a technical understanding and an executive and business understanding” TANIUM, Senior Director of Technical Account Management.

“The Whitehall conferences tend to be very very well attended by the right sort of executives. I’ve found the calibre of the delegate audience excellent as always” CYLANCE, Senior Director of Product Marketing.

“The reason we came to this event is that it’s a focused event. We do a number of large events but we felt that this would give us a focused audience which includes a lot of thought leadership, a lot of thought provoking presentations that lead to potential opportunities for customers to speak to us and how we could address their issues” GEMALTO, Channel Director.

“Today as a business we’ve got a lot of good quality leads, decision makers and people who are in the right space. There’s some good delegates here” SIMS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS, Head of Business Development.

“We generated a significant number of contacts, prospects who are interested in adjusting their security portfolio and proposition, as well as existing customers who wanted an update on security and what we are doing for them” ZSCALER, Director of Sales Engineering.


“Going to these types of events really gives you a broader perspective and it’s great to hear what vendors are doing but especially practitioners. Those people are operationally trying to solve these challenges around cyber threats and have a full life cycle of how they deal with them. So you get to hear what they are struggling with, how they overcame those challenges and it’s an opportunity to disseminate and share information amongst this community.” – CORVIL Director for Product Management 

“What was good is hearing some of the other presenters talk and its interesting hearing an industry speaker from a different industry that you’re used to, talk about some of the challenges they face, it’s a fascinating part. I enjoyed that and enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the audience.” – FORCEPOINT, Director for Products and Solutions.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to give out my views and experience and also get back from other participants. The discussions with the panel is most interesting” NESTE, Information Security Specialist.

“What I have really enjoyed this morning is, I think we’re starting to see more of a mix in terms of presentations about technology and then presentations about behaviour and really people starting to understand, and knowing that they need to understand why those two domains need to intersect and work together” TULLLOW OIL, Head of Business Systems.

“Today’s conference has been really interesting because I think we are moving away from purely technology and security as a technical tool and thinking about much more the whole business environment, so in a world where social, mobile, media is so part of our everyday life’s we are realising that the human element is equally as important as the technical solutions” ISACA, Nominations Committee Chair and Past President.

“I really enjoyed this event because it was really fast paced with short talks, so the speakers had to get to the point. The quality of the speakers was pretty high” KING.COM, Director of Information Security.

“What I enjoyed about the event today is that it’s been like a group therapy session. It’s been an opportunity to get together with hundreds of people who are in a similar industry to myself and just share best practise, look at various challenges that people are facing and just share information” NATIONAL ARCHIVES, Assurance & Information Management.

“The event has been really good, there’s been a combination of speakers but there’s a similar thread flowing through each presentation” UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE, Chief Information Security Officer.

“Basically the event is a great opportunity to do some networking, share ideas and look at interesting ways on how opportunities can be taken forward” EURONEXT, Info Sec Programme Manager.

“Hearing all the elements through the speakers and also through the questions and answer session from the audience was quite exciting. I personally believe the attendance is great. I wasn’t aware of how many people had registered or which walks of life they came from, so coming in and seeing a packed hall was very very pleasing” ASIS UK CHAPTER, Technology Lead.