Enterprise Cyber Security

24 September 2019

Victoria Park Plaza, London




Tuesday 24th September, 2019

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.



Victoria (Main room)
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6point6 Cyber Lab, Ethical Hackers: Meet the Hackers

We hear about organisations ‘getting hacked’ and the results this can have both on the organisation, its customers and their shareholders. But few people understand the reality of how their organisation is vulnerable to attack. Whether you’re a bank, a law firm, a financial services organisation or a public sector body holding sensitive data, our ethical hackers will show you how hackers can, and do, attack your type of organisation.

The session will cover:

● Understanding the hacker
● What information is of value to them
● How they can compromise your organisation – phishing examples
● Means of accessing valuable information
● The potential impact this can have
● What you can do to protect yourselves and your organisation


Edward 1
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Accelerating Your Journey to Zero Trust Security

Andy Lalaguna , Sales Engineer, Cyxtera

Zero Trust was introduced by Forrester due to the blatant pitfalls of legacy, perimeter-centric security technologies incapable of protecting today’s mobile, distributed and heterogeneous IT. Like any paradigm shift or transformation, moving towards Zero Trust Security is a journey. We put forth that this journey can be fast-tracked with the help of a Software-Defined Perimeter, which offers a better approach to Network Security.

Join us and learn:

– What Zero Trust Security means and how to get started on that journey
– What a Software-Defined Perimeter was designed to solve and its inherent benefits
– Why a Software-Defined Perimeter is a better option to achieve cyber-resilience

If you’re a progressive security leader charged with solving new challenges, introduced by sprawling, on-demand IT, then don’t miss this seminar session!

We will demonstrate how to accelerate your journey to Zero Trust security.


Simulating Phishing Attacks

We undertook a large-scale phishing test on over 10,000 employees to test our security posture. Join this seminar to find out on what we learned, how you can better protect your businesses, and key techniques to prevent data theft and loss.


Best Practice Securing Cloud Environments

In this seminar, we focus on how organisations can secure complex cloud environments, whether public, private or hybrid.


Streamlined Vulnerability Assessments

How can you streamline the process of finding and assessing the vulnerabilities within your system? We focus in this session on how you can reduce the time spent manging vulnerabilities and increase the level of automation, to ensure your systems remained patched and secure as they can be.


The Challenges of Data Classification in Complex Environments

Across a sprawling enterprise, it is a challenging task to be able to identify your most sensitive data assets. Identification is key though to ensuring that your most important assets are adequately defended and access is restricted. In this session we look at the challenges associated with data classification, and the innovative ways data management is being used to improve security in large enterprise environments.


Cutting Edge Breach Detection

The average attacker dwell time is well over six months. We think that this time can be severely curtailed if organisations adopt the newest techniques and tools to detect data breaches and unauthorised access. Join this session as we delve into the best ways to find the attackers within your systems.


Trends in Mobile Malware and Why Businesses Need to Adapt to the Mobile World

Mobile security is often an afterthought for enterprises, understandably when larger threats often loom. But when the majority of employees use their mobiles for business, and frequently access work services through their devices, the threat of mobile malware becomes more prescient.

Join this seminar as we explore the evolution of mobile malware, and why tracking and managing it is essential for businesses looking to secure their systems.