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20 May 2021

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The Art of Securing the Cloud Ecosystem: Why it’s Time for Change?
Written by Trend Micro  Times are changing pretty fast and the corporate network perimeter, and all the certainties it guaranteed for cybersecurity professionals is gone. Today it has been replaced with a more fluid, dynamic environment designed to support digital transformation efforts and drive innovation-fuelled growth for the business. This new IT world revolves around...
Biggest Barrier in the Cloud Adoption is Security
UK businesses have many concerns in the present day and among the biggest is security, which has played a major factor in them being hesitant in adopting into the public cloud. In fact, over half of UK businesses currently cite this as the main reason. Surveyed Surprises In a recent survey of 200 business decision-makers...
Cloud Server Exposes 66,000 Gamers
Gaming is supposed to be a fun exercise but there are tens of thousands of gamers left feeling more than a tad disappointed after an extremely popular online gaming site misconfigured their Elasticsearch server that the site was placed on. Showing More Than a Hand Research outfit WizCase discovered the wide-open server, which provided no...