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20 May 2021

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Programme @ ECC uk

Session One

the future of enterprise cloud computing

  • Cloud migration strategy: lessons from the coalface
  • Getting what you want: mastering contracted cloud services
  • Cloud management platform: make the right choice
  • Infrastructure-led positive disruption: cloud centre of excellence
  • How to advance your AI infrastructure
  • Embracing Agile and SecDevOps
  • DevOps and Security: when two tribes come together

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09:15 (BST)

Conference Chair's Opening Address

Dr Gilad Rosner
Founder, IoT Privacy Forum
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Dr Gilad Rosner, Founder, IoT Privacy Forum; Expert in Public Policy of IoT & Identity Management; Privacy and Technology Policy Researcher

09:25 (BST)

Evolving your Cloud Centre of Excellence

Ted Newman
Head of Cloud Services, NatWest Group
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Ted Newman, Head of Cloud Services, NatWest Group

Using the Spotify model and Product Management concepts to evolve your cloud team as it and your customers mature.

Your approach to cloud adoption has most likely changed quite a bit over the last five years, has your team adapted along with it?

We will highlight a few examples of how a cloud centre of excellence can stay ahead of the curve and drive not just technical capabilities but ensure safe adoption of rapidly changing offerings.

We will show a few increments of the continuing evolution of the team to account for embedding controls in shared services, enabling an automation platform for application teams, providing capabilities for on-premises and off-premises clouds, and improving co-creation and customer satisfaction.

09:45 (BST)

The 3 biggest cloud challenges and enablers in relation to Cloud Security Posture Management

Justin Kampel
European Lead - Cloud One Conformity, Trend Micro 
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Justin Kampel, European Lead – Cloud One Conformity, Trend Micro

• As organisations continue to invest and scale their public cloud infrastructure and move critical workloads, managing security, compliance and configuration drift becomes challenging
• In this session we’ll discuss the key challenges: building guardrails, visibility of cloud estates and IaC (infrastructure-as-code) security
• Hear how you can combat these challenges and gain visibility into security, compliance, and governance vulnerabilities on your public cloud infrastructure


10:00 (BST)

A holistic approach to cloud enterprise architecture

Nour Shaker
Head of Platform Engineering, UCAS
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Nour Shaker, Head of Platform Engineering, UCAS

Many organisations and technology departments struggle with building up and following their roadmaps to completion, always playing catch-up with the business needs and struggling with technical debt.

Should the business drive technology? or should technology drive business?

The exam question most CIOs are facing has been how we can adopt digital technologies to….fill in the blank depending on your line of business! Is it “accelerate delivery of new features”? Or “deliver high-quality health care services to the population”? Or “deliver reliable higher education services”?

10:15 (BST)

Questions to the Panel of Speakers

10:30 (BST)

Networking Break

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Session Two

10:45 (BST)

Chairs Introduction to the session

10:50 (BST)

Preventing cloud lock in with modern data architectures

Dr Mohammed Haji
Manager for the Northern EMEA Solutions Engineering, Couchbase.
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Dr Mohammed Haji, Manager for Northern EMEA Solutions Engineering, Couchbase

As the number of multi-cloud deployments grows, so too does the need for a single source managed service which is secure and fully automated. Organisations demand the capability to deploy data across multiple cloud vendors without being locked in to one provider. This session will discuss the architectural choices available and how they can be used to avoid the problems of cloud provider lock ins.

11:05 (BST)

How to easily escalate privileges and own an AWS account

Raul Lapaz
Cloud security engineer Blue Team, Roche
view profile

Raul Lapaz, Cloud security engineer Blue Team, Roche

As a live demo, we illustrate how an end-to-end credentials compromise and privilege escalation can create persistence and finally ex-filtration of newly created credentials which can be sent to an attacker’s system.

• How to steal users/employees’ credentials
• Using those credentials to elevate privileges to Full admin on AWS
• Back-dooring other users or role to maintain persistence
• Configuring serverless function to send new user’s credentials to attacker machine
• Lessons learnt and recommendations to defenders

11:20 (BST)

Zero Trust security system: A new way to secure internet traffic

Rebecca Roche
Customer Development Manager, Cloudflare
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Joshua Watts
Business Development, Cloudflare
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Rebecca Roche, Customer Development Manager, Cloudflare

Joshua Watts, Business Development, Cloudflare

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the traditional ‘castle-and-moat’ security model. Remote work has expanded attack surfaces infinitely outwards, and more than ever, organizations need to start from the assumption that their ‘castle’ is already compromised.

  • Zero Trust has emerged as a compelling security framework to address the failures.
  • Cloudflare will share its own approach and how Cloudflare Access has helped thousands of organizations big and small take their first steps toward Zero Trust.

11:35 (BST)

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers

11:50 (BST)

Networking Break

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Session Three

The building blocks for implementing, managing, and advancing your cloud architecture and infrastructure

  • Using the cloud to drive business agility
  • From legacy lag to successful microservices implementation
  • The future will be distributed
  • Keeping pace with architectural change: make your data do the work
  • How to build your hybrid cloud platform
  • When disaster strikes: recovering your cloud-based workloads

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12:05 (BST)

Conference Chair’s Welcome

12:10 (BST)

Silver Linings: Immune System Technology for Cloud & SaaS

Mariana Pereira
Director of Email Security Products, Darktrace
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Mariana Pereira, Director of Email Security Products, Darktrace 

Cloud and SaaS platforms have created digital environments where businesses can innovate, collaborate, and share more than ever before. However, this is often at the cost of visibility and control.

Join Mariana Pereira, Director of Email Security Products at Darktrace, as she discusses the challenges of securing cloud and SaaS applications, and learn why Cyber AI is best-in-class in protecting organizations’ dynamic workforces and constantly-changing digital infrastructure.


12:25 (BST)

Delivering Environments as-a-Service

Sanjeev Kumar
VP, Environments , JPMorgan Chase and Co.
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Sanjeev Kumar, VP, Environments, JPMorgan Chase and Co.

Overview on how infra as code (IaC) has developed & evolved in delivering environments across the non-prod estate – the integration of servers and application code packaged as a single release. The benefits of improved environment availability, cost reduction with pay as you go, improved developer efficiencies and automate everything.

• Environment Request & Application releases separate entities
• Build once and deploy many
• Numerous tool integration
• Single-click deployment

12:40 (BST)

Accelerating Real-Time Data Replication at Morgan Stanley

Jeremy Chubb
Head of Sybase Engineering, Morgan Stanley
view profile

Jeremy Chubb, Head of Sybase Engineering, Morgan Stanley

When Morgan Stanley, a multinational investment bank and financial services company, decided to leverage Kafka’s infrastructure, they needed a secure and scalable solution that could consolidate disparate data sources and replicate high volumes of data to the cloud.

That solution was HVR.

HVR, the leading independent provider of real-time cloud data replication technology, provided Morgan Stanley with a cost-effective strategy that enabled them to efficiently adopt the cloud and gain real-time data access and analytics. Plus, it’s robust feature set gives Morgan Stanley the confidence and assurance that the data they’re delivering is accurate and in-sync.

During this session, Jeremy Chubb, Head of Sybase Engineering at Morgan Stanley, will share:
• How HVR’s low-impact, log-based CDC provided Morgan Stanley with continuous high-volume real-time data replication in a heterogeneous environment
• How HVR eliminated the complexity of consolidating data from disparate sources and targets
• How HVR accelerated real-time replication from databases such as DB2/LUW and Sybase to Kafka and DB2/Zos to Azure SQL for real-time data access and analytics


12:55 (BST)

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers

13:10 (BST)


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Session Four

13:45 (BST)

Seminar Sessions

14:30 (BST)

Networking Break

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Session Five

14:45 (BST)

Chairs Welcome

14:50 (BST)

Paved Roads with Guardrails-Cloud Adoption in a regulated Financial Services environment

Gerum Haile
Vice President, Technical Fellow-Chief Cloud and Platform Architect, USAA
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Gerum Haile, Vice President, Technical Fellow-Chief Cloud and Platform Architect, USAA

As financial services adopt cloud for operational/transactional and data & analytics workloads, how the FSI’s cloud environment is defined, architected, governed, and operated becomes as critical as the actual workloads.

In this presentation, audiences will gain insights into:

• Enterprise cloud platform as a product-centric approach
• How to govern and architect compliant and secure cloud-based FSI workloads

15:05 (BST)

London Carbon Neutral 2050 mission: How to contribute, with migrating to the Cloud

Leigh Greatorex
Senior Business Development Manager, Sims Lifecycle Services
view profile

Leigh Greatorex, Senior Business Development Manager, Sims Lifecycle Services

Leigh Greatorex has a vision for the future of cloud computing. In this session she champions environmental awareness and shares her proposals for how organizations can rethink their approach to cloud services to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to London’s Carbon Neutral 2050 goal.

Leigh’s session will cover the importance of company purpose, revisiting data security with a sustainability lens and things to consider when making decisions about cloud equipment reuse and recycling. As passionate advocate for including environmental considerations in IT decision making, Leigh’s session will equip you with the questions you should be asking within your own organization as you commit to carbon neutral goals.

15:20 (BST)

How Kohler successfully navigated its way through the global pandemic

Owen John
Senior Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect, Kohler Co.
view profile

Owen John, Senior Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect, Kohler Co.

At the start of 2020, as a global organisation, Kohler was able to make use of its international presence to monitor the developing situation in China and assess the likely impact of the pandemic as operations and businesses across the country began to shut down.

Rapid adoption of capabilities in the M365 ecosystem enabled Kohler to support secure remote working at scale. They were able to maintain business continuity and reduce reliance on VPN by using Azure to present Window’s Virtual Desktops and enable an agile workforce to connect from anywhere on any device and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

As the pandemic began to spread from Asia to the rest of the globe, Kohler were able to scale this solution out and add capability to a global workforce.

We discuss

• The reasons why Kohler chose this path on a risk-based approach
• How it was achieved, with global teamwork and effective relationships
• The people, process and technology needed to succeed

15:35 (BST)

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers

15:50 (BST)

Closing Remarks From The Conference Chair

16:00 (BST)

Conference Closes

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Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.

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