Building a strategy for success in DevOps, Cloud & Datacentres

  • Integrating cloud first strategies with DevOps initiatives
  • Building a business-centric IT department
  • DevOps roadmap
  • Scaling digital transformation
  • Analytics and optimisation in product development
  • Application development: fast, iterative delivery
  • Flexibility for software metrics
Conference Chair’s Opening Address

David Terrar, Director & Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum 

Uniting the tribes: DevOps & security – Sharing best practice across UK business – a view from the financial sector

Paul Schwarzenberger, Cloud Security Architect and DevSecOps Specialist, Insight Investment

One misconfigured line of code results in anyone in the world being able to destroy or take
over a production system in the cloud…

Paul presents examples and demonstrations of real-life cloud security issues based on his experience working on cloud migration projects and operational cloud applications for both public and private sector organisations.

He then discusses the root causes of these issues, and how best to mitigate cloud security risks, including:

  • Organisational change to unite DevOps and Security
  • Building a strong security culture in an agile environment
  • Security infrastructure, compliance, analytics and incident response as code
  • Knowledge and training to bridge the skills gap
The Journey from Mainframe/Legacy to the Cloud: How Three Enterprises Leveraged NoSQL to Get There Faster

Jes Breslaw, EMEA Director of Strategy, Couchbase

The data architectures of yesterday don’t always fit the cloud architectures of tomorrow. Learn how three enterprise companies – travel giant Amadeus, one of the UK’s largest retailers and one of the world’s largest banks – have moved their data into the cloud for core applications. You’ll hear how they are avoiding vendor lock-in, whilst still benefiting from the agility, elasticity and performance that the cloud brings.

Paddy Power Betfair Deal Sheet Contract Tool

Colum Colbert, Head of Procurement Services, Paddy Power Betfair

A detailed case study on how it is that Paddy Power successfully procured and deployed a new cloud platform designed to accommodate the merger with Betfair.

The primary objective was to enhance automation across the platform, better integrate modules and systems and migrate from on-prem to cloud, SAAS.

3 Application Experience Showstoppers with a Multi-Cloud Ecosystem

Carl Holt, EMEA Presales Manager, Kemp

• Explore the 3 pitfalls to your application experience
• Demonstrate how you can properly architect your infrastructure for any private, public or hybrid cloud environment
• Discover why you need a per-app ADC fabric

The Journey to Microservices Within Retail Fashion

Eugene O’Callaghan, Principal Solution Architect, Debenhams

This session will outline the journey from a Data Centre with monolithic legacy applications to an off-premise cloud hosted collection of microservices. We will list the reasons why to move (or not), understanding how and what and when to move, understanding who you need to make the move and what lessons can be learned and what to look out for or to avoid.
Topics covered:
• Moving to Microservices
– The WHY
– The WHAT
– The WHO
– The HOW
• Lessons Learned
– Was it worth it?

Open Networking is Inevitable. Are you Onboard?

Stefaan Eens, Senior Director, Cumulus Networks

Enterprises increasingly view infrastructure as a strategic resource, and the move towards an open and disaggregated model drives an even greater ROI from their data centre architecture. In this presentation, Stefaan will explore the benefits of an open infrastructure model, using real world examples about how this delivered tremendous returns for a large multinational financial institution.

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers
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Data, in the Age of DevOps

James Hughes, Field Chief Technology Officer, Rubrik

A summary of what we’re seeing in the market and my own experiences running a FTSE100 technology shop. Operating models, technology departments structures and new tooling are creating a complete change in Enterprise tech. Meeting your business objectives requires new techniques & automation utilising multiple sources of computing power & data storage. How do you safely fragment your data into multiple clouds but simultaneously know what you’ve got?


The state of securing application development. Meeting the demands of fast, iterative and secure delivery

Tom Welch, Application Security Engineer, Capital One

The ability to identify and respond to digital innovation is key if you are to be successful in ensuring longevity. One of the ways in which organisations can do so is by reducing their time to market processes, which rest on high-speed production.

We address:

  • App dev priorities in the digital age
  • The main challenges to meeting app dev goals
  • Best practice strategies being adopted to increase capacity and speed
  • Overcoming resource constraints
  • New app device practices which are making a difference
Creating a Roadmap for Software Optimisation – A Sector Perspective from the UK's LeadingLogistics Provider

Alex Lorke, Director of IT, Royal Mail

Bridging the gap between creating software and delivering a service to users, and treating software as a single unified activity, rather than as a collection of siloed activities and responsibilities spread across different departments, is key if you are to implement DevOps at scale and incorporate within your digital transformation strategy.
Once the benefits of doing so are realised across the business you can begin the process of mapping implementation.
By creating a roadmap, you will be able to assess the organisational change required, the short-term detail, long term aspirations, and the practical elements essential for successful transformation.

We explore:
• Building a DevOps roadmap
• Contrast your roadmap with a visualised ideal scenario
• Aligning with organisational objectives
• Areas of responsibility
• Communication channels & collaboration
• Co-opting and incentivising teams
• Creating momentum

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms
Seminar Sessions
Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session TWO – Developing and deploying the tools for success

  • Serverless cloud functionality
  • Multi-cloud & hybrid dynamic
  • CloudOps performance measurement
  • Cloud native: application evolution
  • DevOps & security integration
  • DevSecOps emergence
  • Adopting a continuously improving mindset
Conference Chair’s Afternoon Address

David Terrar, Director and Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum

Can I break your cloud? Cybersecurity toolset and strategy to survive cloud transformations

Francesco Cipollone, Director of Events, Cloud Security Alliance UK; Head of Security Architecture & Strategy, HSBC Global Banking and Markets 

Are you a practitioner or CISO? Are you considering or doing cloud transformation of some sort?

if yes this talk is for you…The talk will be useful also to specialists and practitioners of all fields to discover best practices (regardless of cloud)

Are you concerned that the cloud will break you chase your security posture and beat it in the ally?

Join me in this journey of scary stories from the cloud and how to do cloud right.

The talk will take you through different cloud transformations and how to fit security inside the transformation pipeline.

Cloud X Technology X People - How to use Cloud to power change in people and organisations

George Tunnicliffe, Head of IT Operations, National Theatre

With so many options, directions, technologies and vendors, how do you achieve ‘Cloud’?

George speaks about organising your thinking and your people to embrace cloud and drive your team and organisation forward with examples and experiences from the front line of change.

Embracing Agile and SecDevOps for large scale multi-cloud enablement

Nour Shaker, Public Cloud Product Development, Vodafone

Lu Lu Halstead, Principal Cloud Architect, Vodafone

A SecDevOps approach to large scale multi-cloud enablement in a globally federated IT environment to help accelerate digital transformation, what happens in the backstage.

•How Agile works in a globally Federated IT Model
•Driving radical simplification through automation
•Security as the cornerstone for Cloud Enablement (SecDevOps)
•How does it all fit together?

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
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Maximising value through ITIL4 Guiding Principles: a DevOps revolution

Karen Brusch, Holistic Service Design Specialist, Nationwide Building Society

I will be going through the 7 Guiding Principles of ITIL4 and how they can bridge the gap that currently exists between DevOps and ITIL. Many people believe that DevOps has killed ITIL. The latest version of ITIL though, proves just how far ITSM has come. Now we can start to really drive value. No longer do we scratch our heads wondering how to “do” ITIL in the changing world of cloud, multi-source and Agile.

Realising Cloud Benefits

Maria Matveeva, Cloud Transformation Programme Manager, Insight Investment

To realise the benefits of the Cloud technologies, organisations need a comprehensive transformation strategy and solid programme management practices.
Cloud is an enabler that can significantly amplify the benefits of the DevOps, agile development practices, standardisation, API, new technical capabilities and modern security posture.
However, it is not a silver bullet that will solve all of your IT issues. In fact, do it wrong and in addition to your current problems you could end up with escalating costs, increased architectural and operational complexity and corresponding risks.
We will explore:
– Why you should have a cloud strategy
– The key things that must be in place to succeed
– The potential challenges and downsides that aren’t much discussed

Closing Keynote Address: Cloud adoption – the next generation

Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum commissions and delivers a large annual research paper identifying the trends and barriers to digital adoption in the UK. Increasingly businesses are being encouraged by the big vendors to consider utilising the likes of AI and IOT.

The Forum’s research looks at adoption of these technologies and more broadly at the use of cloud services, together with the impact they can have on businesses.

• The current state of cloud adoption in the UK
• The barriers and challenges to the use of cloud services
• What is the reality of next generation cloud services

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Closes

Please note:
Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.