Is AI About To Become More Powerful Than Google?

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With every software provider racing against the clock to develop further advances in the field of AI in business, it stands to reason that each organisation will unveil cutting-edge technologies to be the first of their kind. Some stand to become so powerful, that they may completely reshape the organisation moving forward.

With the development of Google’s new AI model, Gemini, the landscape can change to a level where AI can become more powerful than Google itself.

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Welcome Versatility

Gemini stands as the most versatile and capable AI model that Google has developed so far, able to seamlessly understand and combine various types of information, including written, visual, audio, and coded.

Currently comprised of three optimised versions (Ultra, Pro, and Nano), Gemini boasts state-of-the-art performance abilities, far surpassing any human expertise in language understanding and miles ahead of anything in coding and multimodal benchmarks. Courtesy of native multimodality, Gemini eliminates the requirement of stitching together components for different modalities through a large-scale collaboration across Google teams, allowing Gemini to operate with flexibility and efficiency with data centres and mobile devices alike.

With a groundbreaking feature in multimodal reasoning, Gemini can extract insights from huge datasets with pinpoint accuracy. The AI model is also adept at understanding and generating high-quality code across popular programming languages.

Increased safety Focus

With these radical new steps for Google into the world of AI in business comes increased responsibility and safety. Google has implemented strict safety evaluations, stretching to collaboration with external professionals to identify any potential vulnerabilities and ensure ethical deployment.

Google has deployed Gemini across a wave of Google products, with plans to roll it into Search, Ads, Chrome, and Duet AI in the coming months. One area still pending is the Bard chatbot, awaiting clearance from regulators across Europe.

Other areas currently in the working stages is implementing Gemini into a YouTube Music extension, where it will be able to access YouTube Music data to offer more personalised search results, a real-time responses option within the settings menu of the Gemini Android app, and a stop button to halt the AI assistant’s responses through the processing stage if the user believes that it is not meeting their needs – a feature already available on the Gemini web client.

Future Outlook

Google’s Gemini plans may well be the successor to Google Assistant, but they are still working out some flaws in certain applications. Gemini’s launch into Google Message has been fairly limited without chat integration, possibly due to the huge privacy concerns in allowing cloud-based AI to scan through encrypted RCS messages – meaning that its presence in Google Messages is fairly redundant at this time.

Google Gemini is currently working through Google Maps, YouTube, Google Workspace, Google Flights, and Google Hotels, unlocking countless possibilities as it taps into personal data to answer specific questions.

With Google underdelivering on its initial launch of Bard, and its heavily doctored video purporting Gemini’s capabilities, Google is pushing everything to deliver with its promise to deliver on Gemini. Early impressions have been mixed, with users and academics highlighting Gemini Pro’s struggle with translations, poor coding suggestions, and ability to get basic facts wrong.

As with everything to do with AI in business, it is an exciting time with new products and benchmarks making their appearance throughout 2024. It is something we look forward to hearing more about at the UK’s premier Enterprise AI & Big Data event on June 19th in London.

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