Introducing OpenText Core Analytics Database: Optimize server costs for cloud data warehousing

Blog By: OpenText | Steve Sarsfield

OpenText Core Analytics Database introduces innovative cloud database architecture for scalable, cost-effective data management.

Cloud data warehouses and data lakes offer a powerful way to perform analytics that includes scalability, cost-efficiency, performance, and accessibility. Customers look for platforms that easily scale resources up or down based on demand and allow them to manage their data workloads more flexibly and cost-effectively compared to traditional on-premises solutions. Cloud data warehouses simplify data management by providing maintenance, security, and compliance features, reducing the burden on IT teams.

In CE 24.2, we’re announcing a new analytics cloud database. OpenText Core Analytics Database was developed as a response to conventional data warehousing and management models that are costly and environmentally unfriendly. By building a system that will efficiently deal with massive amounts of real-time data while using minimal CPU resources, we will deliver better data analytics.


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