The Importance Of Strong Passwords

identity and access management

Overusing similar passwords, or passwords with incredibly easy guesswork, is one of the biggest issues circling identity and access management. As many people have problems memorizing different passwords, it is not uncommon for similar passwords over personal accounts and work-based identity management solutions.

For hackers, the natural first-guess options will be children’s names or similar patterns used at some point. Chances are, you may use differing versions of the same password over multiple apps and platforms, making it much easier for hackers to open the doors to your personal and professional profiles.

Positive Step in Security

In the UK, positive steps have been taken in establishing laws that will forever ban certain password types, making it much harder for cybercriminals to succeed in breaching security identity and access management.

Common password combinations, including ‘admin’ and ‘12345’, are now officially banned from use as a part of world-first laws that will protect against the ongoing threat of cyber villainy. As soon as a user attempts a common password, they will now be prompted to change it upon creating any new account.

In the new technology-driven home lifestyle, it is reported that the average smart home, filled with smart technology devices, is exposed to over 12,000 hacking attempts per week from threat actors worldwide, with 2,684 attempts on weak password combinations on those devices. As unbelievable as that may sound, the most commonly-used passwords in the UK in 2023 were the most simple – ‘123456’ and ‘password’.

The new law on outlawing particular passwords has made the UK the first-ever to implement and adhere to the law, part of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PTSI) regime.


The regime was created to strengthen the UK’s resilience to cybercrime and ensure malign interference does not hurt both the UK and the global economy. From this point onwards, all internet-connective device manufacturers are required to introduce minimum security standards across everything from mobile phones to smart doorbells to smart fridges.

As a part of the new law, manufacturers will also have to publish contact details to effectively report bugs and issues and inform customers of minimum timeframes on any important security updates to keep up with threats generated by the internet. The abidance of these new laws places the UK as one of the safest places to be online and a positive step for world security.

With the new law, people are forced into peace of mind practice around their identity and access management. Devices such as smart TVs, voice assistants, smartwatches fitness wristbands and other high-tech devices that require passwords should now be assigned individual passwords, written down in an off-line form for safekeeping and protection. With further talk on how many countries will adopt the same laws against simple password use, the UK has set a precedent for safety going forward.

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