Uniting large-scale, complex businesses with PowerSyncPro

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Mergers and acquisitions involving tens – or even hundreds – of thousands of users require complex tenant-to-tenant migrations. Traditionally, those migrations have been fraught with problems. Problems that impact your people, your productivity and your profit.

Combining solid preparation with the right software solution can dramatically reduce the pain involved.

Enter PowerSyncPro: a powerful Active Directory synchronisation toolkit that enables you to streamline large-scale migration projects and save time and money.

Already installed, configured and operated for mega businesses from S&P Global and RWS to Chugai Pharma and Breast Cancer Now, PowerSyncPro comprises a flexible and effective directory sync tool and a versatile, easy-to-use workstation migration agent.

PowerSyncPro DirSync

Getting your identity design right is a critical step before undertaking any migration or coexistence. PowerSyncPro DirSync exists to help you prepare large-scale, complex IT migrations ready for a single cutover event.

It simplifies the process of consolidating identity and building a unified global address list (GAL) between different email systems or companies and is the ideal tool for post-merger tenant-to-tenant migrations when several Active Directories and Entra IDs need to be integrated into a single Entra AD.

Reliable and robust, PowerSyncPro DirSync uses the same import, synchronisation and export terminology as Microsoft Entra ID Connect but is far easier to use and is scalable to hundreds of thousands of email addresses and logins – removing the need for manual processes and complicated scripts.

Once configured, PowerSyncPro DirSync operates efficiently without interruption.

PowerSyncPro Migration Agent

PowerSyncPro Migration Agent scopes, imports, matches, synchronises and updates tens of thousands – often hundreds of thousands – of objects both quickly and seamlessly, with no need for manual processes or complicated scripts.

Its easy-to-use dashboard makes it possible to get a precise progress report at any point in the migration process, empowering you to assess the success of the migration and reassure senior management and stakeholders where necessary.

The outcome? Dramatically reduced downtime, costs, user frustration and loss of productivity.

While a traditional migration can take anywhere between four and eight hours of manually intensive work for each and every user, PowerSyncPro Migration Agent takes just 30 to 45 minutes to migrate one workstation – and can be deployed to thousands of machines within 24 hours.

It coordinates reconfigured settings, permissions, and workloads at the critical point in the migration process – disjoining and joining between Active Directories and Entra IDs –streamlining operations and minimising downtime.

Discover a better way to migrate

PowerSyncPro is currently syncing 926,000 objects, 18 million attributes and 14 directories every 15 minutes.

PowerSyncPro Migration Agent recently cutover 9,000 workstations in a single weekend.

Ready to discover a better way to migrate? Get in touch to book your demo today.

What people are saying

“PowerSyncPro enabled us to migrate our entire business over one weekend without incident. Delivered on time and on budget – with minimal operational disruption and loss of productivity – the project has become the recognised standard for project transformation.”

– John Flynn, RWS

“PowerSyncPro helped Ricoh solve challenges with a complex and widespread identity management landscape. It has provided seamless levels of object synchronisation and proved to be robust and reliable.”

– Carl Smith, Ricoh Europe

“Our IT partner used the excellent PowerSyncPro tool to migrate our IT infrastructure from on-prem to the cloud. Around 95% of laptops migrated seamlessly with no issue and no downtime for our users. Users were happy and kept informed at all times.”

– Dom Lowry, Octavius Infrastructure Limited


PowerSyncPro in a nutshell

•  Streamline large-scale migration projects and save time and money.

•  Avoid end-user frustration, operational disruption and lost productivity (and profits!).

•  Scope and define your source users and groups on both sides.

•  Create target contacts that match your source users and groups.

•  Create a unified global address list (GAL) to unite your users in one environment.

•  Create a single source domain for syncing to Office 365.

•  Keep your users in control and your administrators informed.

•  Deal with deletions and updates across different mail platforms.

•  Seamlessly sync Active Directory across multiple Office 365 tenants.

•  Reduce the number of migration errors – and the resulting headaches and downtime.

•  Migrate multiple user profiles on one workstation.

•  Avoid orphaned objects on both sides.