Motorola and Google Cloud: A Partnership for Safety and Security

Motorola Solutions and Google Cloud this week announced their multi-year agreement aimed at innovating cloud solutions across the mobile powerhouse’s safety and security technologies. The move will prioritize the advancement of assistive intelligence – including highly accurate and reliable delivery of video content, AI, and mapping capability to address real-world safety challenges.

Motorola Movements

Motorola plays a significant role in safer environments for their customers in both communities and businesses. The latest collaborative partnership with Google Cloud will leverage the power of sensors, data, and AI for more accessible and actionable safety and security across its products.

Motorola Solutions is pushing to deploy the newly developed capabilities across its already rapidly expanding cloud security solutions – including Avigilon Alta, the entirely cloud-based video suite that enables enterprise security for all-size organizations. From enabling better protection for the school sector to identifying unusual activities within businesses to effectively securing large-scale events, real-time visibility and awareness are set to be the foundation of both public and enterprise safety.

Motorola Solutions has been a dominant leader in technological innovation that safeguards communities and enterprises. The new fast channel of the latest cloud advancements that will now support their focus on safety and security innovations will be cloud-based.

Kryndyl Expansion

Google Cloud also announced an expansion on its existing collaborations with Kyndryl for the development of responsible generative AI solutions and accelerating adoption among their customers.

This collaboration began in 2021 to aid global businesses in transforming with Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities and infrastructure. The next step of this partnership will be a focus on coupling Google Cloud’s in-house AI capabilities – including its Large Language Model, Gemini. With Kryndryl’s expertise and managed services, they will develop and deploy GenAI solutions for their customers this year.

Key areas for collaboration include AI and data foundation advisory and implementation services, applying Cortex Framework to ERP, kickstarting GenAI adoption with Kryndyl’s  LLM operations framework, and advancing expertise for GenAI development.

GenAI is being presented as a fundamentally business-changing process in streamlining complex processes and making workforces more productive. As part of their earlier collaborative partnership, Kryndyl and Google Cloud helped Singapore-based smart warehouse and contracts logistics firm iHub Solutions launch their GenAI pilot for customer service.

The future for Motorola and Google Cloud certainly seems paved with collaborative success, which may change the landscape a year from now and will see other leaders taking steps to join forces for enhanced security measures.

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