Enterprise Security Trends for 2023

The cybersecurity world is in a fluid state and constantly moving forward, with the last few years highlighting significant rises in industry-specific targeting on healthcare, supply chains and education among others seeing attacks.

This trend will, unfortunately, continue well into 2023, with industries on the weaker end of digital transformation being the easiest targets for cyber-attacks. 2023, therefore, becomes a year of challenge and opportunity, peering into the unknown and predicting what lies around the corner that will force the next evolution for enterprise security.

If recent years have taught anything, it is that pinpointing what is around the corner is an exercise in futility. Any predictions made at the beginning of 2020 would never have factored in what was to follow with the pandemic and its knock-on effect around the world. Soothsaying a practice every year is not about a focus on the finer details, but instead seeking to provide insight into the world’s general direction ahead.


The ripples caused by the boiling geopolitical tensions caused by the war in Ukraine, growing cybersecurity concerns and the global recession point to a myriad of uncertainties ahead.

Due to these, enterprise security has risen to the top priorities list for businesses in 2023. Endpoints continue to be a top target for sophisticated hackers, with adversaries now leveraging endpoints as a launching pad to conduct lucrative assaults like ransomware and business email compromise.

Businesses now have to deal with a growing number of devices, including employee-owned devices outside of corporate networks and IoT devices such as virtual PAs that access networks and databases. Endpoint protection platforms and management suits remain a high priority.


Cloud onset and migration towards it enabled organizations to set fluid boundaries and give their customers an inclusive solution. Every SaaS vendor is making moves towards this approach, combining the strengths of multiple tools and a unified console for seamless management.

2023 will see security and management solutions integrate AI into the existing toolset as a significant enabler of automation in security systems. Intelligent threat detection systems like endpoint detection and response solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and respond to zero-day vulnerabilities that create harm to a business.

2023 will be the pivotal year when many solutions will integrate AI technology to strengthen their security posture much further.

Whilst we cannot accurately predict what will happen in 2023 that will challenge and sculpt how we handle new threats, emerging hacker trends and threats, some steps can be implemented so that businesses are not left highly vulnerable.

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