Incident Response Best Practices: Strategies and tactics for resilience

Written by: Natalie Fairchild | F-24

Prepare Your Crisis Management Team

I have predominantly worked as a first responder to a crisis management centre (CMC). This is the hub of the initial response – strategy, mobilisation, activation, and developing awareness of the situation. A vital component that should never be overlooked before sending teams out and determining decisions.

The CMC is where the various roles of the response congregate to brief, understand the mission’s objectives, the approach to be taken and with this always consider what the decisions made can mean for those who are directly impacted by what’s happened. Most of the cases I dealt with involved a field team, also known as the bronze command, or tactical response. Activating teams to respond was not always straightforward, especially when specialist SMEs or skilled personnel were required. Having a database and choice of experienced people eliminates risk of unavailability. But when there are lots of people needed to contact in a very time-pressured environment it can put strain on providing a time-efficient, successful response.


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