Samsung Reveals its July Data Breach

Samsung customers have been put on alert following a July data breach of personal data that has only been publicly disclosed at the beginning of September by the company.

On September 2nd, Samsung made their customer base aware of a cybersecurity incident that took place in July and was discovered the first week of August. The incident was a sizable breach of personal information containing names, contact and demographic information – along with dates of birth and product registration information.

Quick to Assure, Not Quick to Alert

The company quickly reassured their customers that the breach did not reach any areas of social security and credit card information that is stored within their systems. So far, the total number of affected users has not been made public, but Samsung has divulged that those who received notice about the breach via the company had data that was involved in the breach. It is still unknown what specific data was taken, what demographic data includes and why it took over a month to alert their customers to the breach.

This continues the extremely tough year that cybersecurity and data protection has been experiencing in 2022 so far.

Past Patterns

April saw the money transfer app CashApp disclose the actions of a former employee that accessed the personal information of millions of users. August saw food delivery app DoorDash announce the work of hackers stealing data that affected an undisclosed number of their users with their names, addresses, contact details and partial payment card numbers.

Signal, considered by most as the most secure phone messaging app, addressed its cybersecurity threat following their verification app Twilio being breached, and T-Mobile finally settled their class action lawsuit for their 2021 user data breach – a result where affected customers were only compensated with $5.

If all of this was not bad enough, it is not even Samsung’s first breach of 2022. March saw hackers expose internal company data from Galaxy smartphones, with the promise that measures had been put in place to prevent any further incidents and no further disruption to customers would continue.

Samsung’s Response

Samsung has said that the latest incident is under investigation by a private cybersecurity firm and law enforcement officials. Samsung has alerted their customers to stay clear of phishing schemes, keep their credit profiles closely monitored and even went as far as to make suggestions that their customers conduct free online credit reports.

Samsung also pointed their customers toward their security notice FAQ and ask them to revisit the company’s privacy policy.

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