A Roadmap to Zero Trust Architecture

Blog by: Cloudflare

A Zero Trust security approach ensures that all traffic moving into, out of, or within a corporate network is verified, authorized, inspected, and logged. Fully implementing Zero Trust takes resources and effort — but it is definitely achievable when tackled in individual steps. In fact, a methodical and piecemeal approach often causes less disruption to employee productivity and connectivity.

We’ve built a roadmap outlining this step-by-step approach to Zero Trust security adoption. It is meant to be useful for organizations at any point in their journey, including those starting from scratch.

Download the roadmap to learn:

  • 28 implementation steps that can establish a Zero Trust architecture, spanning users, devices, applications, networks, Internet traffic, logs, and more. 
  • How much effort those steps require, and which teams should take part
  • A vendor-agnostic overview of the tools and services can help accomplish each steps.

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