Public Sector IT Embraces Open Source

Faced with a growing reduction in funding, uncertainty in the economy and grapples with legacy IT, governments throughout Europe have been turning in greater numbers to open source to modernise their IT operations.

The strategy allowed governments to get value for taxpayers and provide best-in-class eGovernment solutions, but the pandemic, along with the unprecedented recovery stimulus package, could provide a more lasting transformative effect on the public sector.

An ever-formulating groundswell of regulatory and policy frameworks has set in stone that government agencies and public sector departments can no longer be passive users when it comes to technology. These sectors now seek to be more self-sufficient and be more contributing to new open standards and open source solutions – helping to improve and distribute over sovereign borders.

They have achieved new sustainable levels and autonomy with the growing prevalence of open hybrid cloud which unlocks the full potential for the public sector.

Adapting at Speed

It is no secret that every kind of business sector had to rapidly evolve in the wake of the global pandemic and, whilst many were able to quickly create flexible and secure infrastructure for remote working, many fell victim to not making the transition.

In the case of public sector organizations, they could not afford to fall victim at all. Essential provisions such as healthcare, education and countless other areas of public administration and policy had to operate at full capacity whilst adding new digital capabilities such as track and trace.

Realising the importance, the EU acted by providing 20% of their 750bn stimulus package towards digital services and infrastructure across multiple sectors, including the public sector. This stimulates the development of more open and inclusive eGovernment infrastructures and businesses for the next decade.


Open source has been instrumental to public sector organizations’ implementation of open hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies to support modernisation and cultural change.

Collaboration is doing its part to drive digital health initiatives in one country, whilst aiding in delivering new services for legal authority in others. Major public cloud programmes are underway to completely revolutionise public finance and investment in EU member states, built on open frameworks that enable public sector organizations to deploy hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications to create new digital platforms and services.

Open source provides public sector organizations in the EU and UK to invest in each other to meet their objectives and create a working together mentality, collaborating on projects and initiatives towards more effective administration and policy.

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