Big Data Benefits the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is at the biggest level in terms of growth and is on an ascent to be bigger than ever moving forward. The meteoric rise has seen gaming companies embrace big data to its fullest potential, providing its users with a personalised level of experience and working out what type of advertisements are working for which audience.

All of this has aided the industry in better engagement through social media channels.

Better Gaming Experience

The gaming universe holds an incredible amount of data, starting with the feedback collected through social media to the customer information received at the point of sale.

This vast gold mine of information is a pretty hefty percentage for game network operators and individual developers. Big data helps in handling this data so that things such as who users prefer competing against or how long they like to stay online – and enables them to customise those experiences to meet their expectations.

Improved Engagement

Boosting player engagement is a drive that every gaming company is focused on, and big data is a key part in helping with this area.

The gamer interaction is a driving force in helping a game skyrocket in sales. If good words spread online, it has a positive effect on other gamers wanting to experience it. Big data provides useful analytics on how players are quitting the game after reaching a certain level due to the toughness of a particular section of the game – which will affect its popularity.

Big data on this level helps companies to improve the gaming experience in this instance so that they can improve and solve the complex issues so that gamers will be able to continue, increasing the retention rates.

Increase Revenue

In-game products play a big role in how a gaming company makes its money and the targeting efficiency of campaigns can be greatly increased through the use of big data analytics.

This helps companies to enhance their revenue and develop several upselling opportunities to provide players with items they require purchasing to advance onwards. This enables players to move quicker through the game and better compete against other players.

Better Insights

Studying gamer nature is extremely important to developers in determining how changes can be made to a product to boost popularity and viral presence.

Big data provides knowledge about gamers’ social media activity, computer cookies, external and internal survey data and much more to give a much better understanding of what changes need to be brought in.

Game development companies realise the key role big data plays in the entire gaming community experience, and it is only a matter of time before the entire industry levels up as a whole.

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