Big Data Analytics Tops the Most Wanted Role

The significant increase in demand in tech-enabled sectors such as IT and BFSI has seen 96% of companies plan on hiring new staff with skills in big data analytics for related roles in 2022.

This looks to top the charts as the most in-demand role for the year ahead, with rapid tech adoption being implemented across industries, and AI and machine learning continuing to grow for the foreseeable future – with AI/Machine learning investments in India growing at a CAGR of 33.49% into 2023.

Global Expansion

The FinTech market is expanding exponentially, with it set to take the third-largest marketplace on the planet by 2025. Increased digitization and digital adoption are set to be the biggest mover for the future across most industries – and it has a positive outlook towards talent demand.

The talent demand for the IT sector will continue to be a huge push for 2022 the world over.

Skilled manpower and professional qualifications in the realm of digital skills is going to be at the forefront of hires for industries from BFSI to crypto. The top skills organizations are on the lookout for data science, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and machine learning. The demand for sales professionals is estimated to increase in industries such as FinTech, Retail, E-commerce and social commerce.

Later Year Pickup

The hiring of freshers has picked up towards the end of 2021 and will see a huge increase for the year ahead. As more and more startups begin to contribute to the demand for entry-level professionals across industries, job trends will begin to shift with people entering the field as either a natural upgrade or a necessitated change to their career.

IT has been one of the biggest surges in hiring throughout 2021 and will continue to grow in impressive numbers the world over in 2022.

With IT majors and new-age startups pushing upskilling as the bridge for skills gaps, testing engineers are seen as the most sought position to fill, along with platform technologies, java, Cloud and Data Science.

Top Prize for Industry

As the online world continues to see increasing congestion from competitors discovering the potential of accelerating marketplaces, big data analytics is the greatest prize to enable outperformance for businesses over their rivals. Tapping into that wealth of data left behind by consumers to get an advantage over the competition is key to conquering the dominant spot currently up for grabs.

To do that, industries must pump money and resources into securing key personnel with the relevant growing skillset to be able to effectively take hold of the key benefits that big data analytics provide.

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