Microsoft Authenticator Makes More Secure Roll Out


Software giant Microsoft has upgraded new security features into its Microsoft Authenticator so that its users can have a more secure app. The authentication tool helps users to log into their accounts using two-factor verification, a passwordless plugin or a password autofill option.

Top Features

The new features of the authentication tool include allowances for admins to prevent accidental approvals with number matching and additional context, the ability to set up GPS based conditional access policies through Authenticator and an ability to nudge users to set up Microsoft Authenticator during sign-in using the registration campaign feature.

Admins are now able to greatly improve user sign-in security by enabling number matching push notifications and the additional context in requests across the organisations. The conditional access policies provide restricted access to specific geographical areas via the use of the Microsoft Authenticator GPS location info.

Finally to the list is the allowance of pushing users who have not set up Authenticator to install and utilise the tool as a more secure alternative to typical SMS-based MFA authentication use.


Back in September 2021, Microsoft announced that it had started on the rollout of passwordless login support available to all Microsoft accounts. This move allowed customers to be able to sign in to their Microsoft accounts without the use of a password at all.

It started the process by allowing enterprise customers to utilise the passwordless authentication option throughout their environments as far back as March 2021. This was following a breakthrough year for Microsoft in 2020 as the software giant reported that over one hundred and fifty million users were utilising their Azure Active Directory and Microsoft accounts via passwordless login.


Two of the features are currently at a preview stage whilst the others are at a stage of general availability commercial-release stage. Whilst the number matching feature is currently at the preview stage, Microsoft has the aim of making it the default capability at the stage of its commercial release.

These newly added features join others introduced earlier in the year such as the autofill capabilities and the ability to make Microsoft Authenticator a password manager for mobile users as a way to automatically store passwords.

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