Is Machine Identity Management an IT Leaders Insomnia

The global pandemic was the biggest sudden awakening for worldwide IT leaders, forcing them to quickly adapt their digital transformation process much more rapidly than expected. It was a period in time that put technology’s strengths and weaknesses equally on showcase, as well as the amount of work the industry required to be able to manage the advanced innovations redefining the enterprise.

Much More Than a Computer

Connected machines were considered simply a computer. In today’s world, it encompasses everything connected to the network – from mobile devices, servers and applications.

This shift has placed a whole new strain on IT leaders the world over – especially in understanding the number of devices connected to an organization’s network. The number of machines is rising to surpass the number of people that use them also, leading to machine identity management to garner attention from IT leaders globally – especially in organizations currently undergoing digital transformation.

In the coming year, enterprise IT leaders now have to make it clear to the executive committee’s the importance of modern machine identity management strategy is.

Foundation of Trust

In remote environments, machine identity is a reinforced foundation for trust. An effective machine identity management platform can address cybersecurity breaches, employee productivity dips, system outages and financial losses concerning them prior to them occurring.

Machine identity has been given a stamp of approval, as well as highlighting the need for them in today’s enterprises to embrace it for data security and ID and access management reports. With organizations relying more on certificates to protect digital data and various critical resources, the management of them becomes more complicated. 61 per cent of enterprises fully admit to lacking full awareness of all certificates and keys across their digital assets. This has resulted in almost all of these organizations lacking full awareness experiencing negative consequences as a result.

Expired Certificates

With expired certificates the reason behind some of today’s highest-profile cybersecurity breaches, enterprises lost not only valuable time and effort but also the reputation and trust with customers as well. A large majority are not familiar with the intricate and complex programming required, or how to even approach all the machines being managed in one organization. Certificate management is seen as too complex by 67% of IT professionals as there are far too many digital certificates to keep track of within an enterprise.

For today’s cybersecurity needs, the new boundary is around identity with the machine and the individual behind it serving as the new perimeter. As the space sees constant shifts and evolutions, proper management of identity helps successful organizations to separate from the rest over the years ahead.

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