Where Big Data Analytics is Helping Enterprises

Cybersecurity has been one of the major frustrations for enterprises ever since the internet first took its first leaps and bounds as a place where businesses could occupy. Year on year those levels of frustration has grown exponentially.

The ever-evolving pace that hackers can keep ahead of security systems has enabled networks of firewalls, malware scanners and threat detection tools to become much more sophisticated. Unfortunately, this also allowed for malicious actors to become more adept at getting around them.

Thanks to the global pandemic, phishing attacks rose by 70% within a year and the cost of a data breach rose with it. With every enterprise wanting better secure IT networks, this is where big data analytics comes in to save the day.

Big Data on Cybersecurity

Every enterprise has tons of data streaming through various sources every day – from social listening to Google analytics on their website. They are some of the biggest data and the role of big data analytics is to process, crunch and mine all of it for meaningful insights.

Big Data Analytics utilises automated tools of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning to handle these huge datasets. Big data analytics can be directed to several use cases, such as marketing, talent marketing, sales forecasting as well as cybersecurity.

Monitoring Employee Behaviour

In some circles, your employees could likely be the weakest link in the system. In a recent survey conducted, 52% of CISOs revealed that employees are the biggest threat to their operational security.

Sadly, it takes just one person to forget to change a password or set access credentials wrongly, allowing hackers to have open access to networks. The role big data analytics can play is sifting through the millions of daily actions taken by employees to identify those that are putting the system at risk. This way you can be notified instantly so it can be fixed before cybercriminals can act upon them – even going so far as automating responses to big data alerts to save on time and worry.

Streamlining Risk Management

As we all know, no IT system is 100 per cent secure and protected – they all have some form of vulnerability.

With new ones appearing all of the time, risk assessments are a very important thing to make you aware of any weaknesses present. Big data helps by mapping out your ecosystem on a continuous cycle and analysing the causes of any security breaches. This system helps you to better understand vulnerabilities that lead to security incidents and allows for more targeted action for yourself.

By using big data analytics to monitor employee activity, predict threats, close on vulnerabilities and alert your teams to incidents, enterprises are set to reinforce protection and provide much calmer working arenas for CISOs.

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