Password Security Is a Goal for Cyber Criminals

Football fever has kicked off around Europe and everybody looks for a secure road for their teams to get to the final, however, security experts have been urging users from adopting their favourite teams into their password choices after an apparent one million passwords were discovered to include football-related wording.

Collecting Players

Authentication organisation Authlogics manages a database for password breaches, where a collection of stolen or cracked credentials are gathered for research into spotting trends to report back to industries for advice on battling cybercrime.

Of the recorded 1 billion passwords within their trove, over 1.1 million passwords contained wording associated with football. The highest use comes from the words ‘football’ with 353,993 uses, followed by ‘Liverpool’ (215,842 uses), ‘Chelsea’ (172,727), ‘Arsenal’ (151,936) and ‘Barcelona’ (131,090).

A Startling Line-Up

With this much use, a higher problem is uncovered in that these credentials are much simpler to hack through guessing or cracking. The potential for these passwords to be used across an individual’s multiple accounts is much higher, including those in corporate settings, which leads to a simpler exposure to cyber hacks across the board.

Authlogics cites Google research in claiming that 52% of users reuse the same password over multiple online platforms for social media login to online banking and mail order. If a password has been breached on one account, common sense will dictate that a hacker will use the same password first on all accounts linked to the individual targeted.

Overtime for Hackers

With football being so high among password choices, a hacker could determine a password with ease by studying any information as to which team a victim supports, providing them with an educated guess to their password on one account, that could then link to every account used by the victim.

Password managers can help here by storing and recalling unique and robust credentials for website and online accounts, as well as multi-factor authentication to bolster security towards each account with the user.

Changing Position

If you are currently sporting a password associated with the team you support, it is recommended that you change to a password combining letters, numbers and symbols for increased strength and reducing the risk of educated guesses by cyber hackers. By being a bit more creative with your passwords, you can still support your team whilst providing a good shot in the online net.

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