Siemens and Google Team Up

An interesting industry cloud offering has appeared via AI-based solutions in manufacturing – from a union between Siemens and Google Cloud.

Productive Partnership

An agreement was announced by both companies that will see Siemens integrate Google Cloud’s machine learning and AI tech with its factory automation products. By connecting with the ‘AI islands’ on the manufacturing floor, Siemens will integrate to help eliminate the issues manufacturers have had implementing AI at scale across their global operations.

Deploying AI to the shop floor, along with its automation integration, is a very complex operation requiring the high expertise of the mobile tech giant. The project has the ultimate goal of the two companies cooperating to make deployment of AI in connection with the Industrial Edge and its management at scale. By automating mundane tasks and providing an easier workflow for floor-level employees, the overall quality of work is set to improve.

Key Benefits to Industrial

With this combined strategy, manufacturers are set to benefit from cloud-based AI and ML models on top of their data, along with the deployment of algorithms at the network edge.

Applications such as visual inspection of products and wear and tear of assembly line machines also translate into this process. The advancements of artificial intelligence are changing the face of plant floors has no signs of abating, although it’s noted that many manufacturers are stuck within the confines of AI pilot projects to this day – which is a focus for this partnership to rectify.

New Customer Focus

Google Cloud has a primary customer base around the financial, healthcare and retail sector, with the manufacturing sector opening up a large potential to tap into. By deploying its AI/ML technologies in conjunction with edge computing solutions, Google Cloud looks to add a revolutionary wave into the sector.

This partnership deal follows a recent deal with industrial software company OSISoft, highlighting Google Cloud’s seemingly high interest in the manufacturing sector, and its willingness to move forward in presenting further innovative steps for the manufacturing industry.

Whilst Google is late to come into the manufacturing market, its partnership with Siemens is providing access to a very profitable door, with Siemens accounting for a third of all PLC’s shipped globally. Siemens is an automation and software leader when it comes to advancement, and Google Cloud leads in data analytics with AI/ML. The best of both worlds is set to benefit both giants by simplifying the deployment of AI in industrial use.

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