The Enterprise Security Threat of Mobile Devices

In the rush to ensure workforces could successfully operate remotely during the pandemic, businesses left themselves in one of the biggest vulnerable positions possible when it came to cybercriminals.

Remote Working Problem

Whilst businesses sighed a breath of relief in being able to quickly push their remote working plan into effect, it came at the expense of their proper security measures which rapidly came back to haunt them in a record year for cyberattacks in every sector.

49 per cent of businesses overall stressed that the sudden changes to remote working adversely affected their business cybersecurity, with 40 per cent of surveyed businesses recognising that mobile devices are the biggest security threat to their businesses IT. However, close to half knowingly sacrificed mobile security protocols in order to meet deadline and productivity targets as well as facilitate response to restrictions in place.

Global Shift

The global shift undoubtedly caused an upsurge in how businesses operated and jumped towards digital transformation agendas in order to meet employee and customer needs. However, whilst this area was being focused on by businesses, a wealth of cybercriminals saw their treasure chests burst open with every sector affected.

Suddenly, more and more employees had to work from home with improper security on their home connections and mobile device use for working conditions saw a huge increase, which presented a change in the threat landscape that businesses were not quick to act on; that being the greater need to hone in on mobile security to protect themselves and their clients.

Lasting Effects

The pandemic effect on the workforces continues to have a lasting effect, with small to medium-sized businesses still under threat. Small to medium-sized businesses are more of a target for cybercriminals than larger enterprises as many sacrificed security, especially with many compromising to mobile devices. 78 per cent of small to medium businesses admit to needing to take mobile security more seriously.

With many businesses now pondering the continued advancement of remote working of employees, it has become the make or breaks point for all sized businesses with holes in their security process to address the issues and employ stricter processes in regards to key personnel access and other vulnerable areas to prevent their business suffering data breaches and hacks by ever-evolving cyber-criminal threat.

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