UK Launches Cyber Security Council

Members of the Cyber Security Alliance have set up the government-mandated UK Cyber Security Council – a professional body championing the UK cyber sector.

The group officially launched at the end of March as an independent at the close of its formation project. Heading the group is longtime CISO Claudia Natanson, an expert in both public and private sectors.

Council Objectives

The first step of the group is set to broaden representation in regards to the sector, with a keen eye on projecting awareness and promoting more excellence in the profession. This is planned to be achieved through a mixture of career tools, thought leadership, lobbying government-industry-academic bodies and the education sector, with the goal of developing and promoting the UK Cyber sector.

This step was seen as a major advancement into establishing a foundation of which the council will be able to build upon, with the next few months seen to be a busy period for the fresh group. As well as hiring and mapping out their forward momentum, the group is setting engagement with the government to ensure delivery of all the standards and governance are in play to successfully strengthen cybersecurity in the UK.

Starting Grid

At this point, the council is starting to appoint permanent leadership teams in place to work alongside the board, and focusing on the recruitment of personnel to forward advance the work already established by the formation project on the council’s remit.

Factors on the early radar include creating certification of formal professional recognition of security practitioners to put the sector in line with other industries such as law, medical and engineering. Also on the immediate radar is the creation of ethics standards for the sector and correcting the imbalance of gender, race and sexual diversity that permeates public sector IT as it stands.

May of 2021 will see the full unveiling of the council’s plans at the NCSC Cyber Security conference which will be a virtual event this year.

Working Together

This news has been a welcome sigh of relief for the volunteers of the 16 forward-thinking organisations that encompasses the Cyber Security Alliance who have spent the last 20 months helping to develop the council towards this point.

The vast cross-industry work undertaken from the 16 organisations has greatly benefited the sector and will call for further collective efforts and collaborations ahead in creating awareness and understanding of cyber threats and trends.

The Cyber Security Alliance has fully committed to supporting the council and ensuring it has succeeded in aiding the UK to recover from the effects of the pandemic and Brexit, particularly in the realm of enterprise security.

For more information on talks in the sector, check out the upcoming events from Whitehall Media.