Oldcastle Infrastructure Migrates On-Prem Data to the Cloud With Fivetran

By Ciara Rafferty

Oldcastle Infrastructure migrates its SQL Server and NetSuite data into Snowflake, saves $360,000, and enables business-wide analysis in Tableau.

Key Takeaways

Working with InterWorks, Oldcastle Infrastructure migrates its on-premise SQL Server data into Snowflake with Fivetran after abandoning a months-long internal data-warehousing project.
Fivetran saves Oldcastle Infrastructure a projected $360,000 over a three-year period.
Fivetran handles the NetSuite API better than other solutions and loads the data into Snowflake quickly and reliably.
By joining NetSuite data with SQL Server data, Oldcastle Infrastructure can generate global perspective reports.
Financial reports that were limited to monthly rolled up figures, and took about ten days to generate, are now presented in up-to-date Tableau dashboards.

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