DocuSign Regains Engineering Time and Saves Money With Automated Data Pipelines

By Ciara Rafferty

With Fivetran and Snowflake, DocuSign triples its data sources, refocuses its engineering efforts, and achieves greater visibility into data with 100+ BI dashboards.

Key Takeaways

With Fivetran connectors, DocuSign analyzes from 3x more sources than it was able to in the past.
The DocuSign BI team would have to double in size to achieve what it currently does with Fivetran.
DocuSign engineers can focus on core projects rather than ETL, and business teams can focus on higher-level functions like data cataloguing and enterprise dimensional modeling.
DocuSign was able to set up Fivetran and get data flowing into Snowflake within 20 minutes.
The business now has over 100 active dashboards in Qlik that people are working with daily.

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