Digital Virgo Replaces 10-Year-Old Legacy Pipeline Solution With Fivetran

By Ciara Rafferty

Advised by Sutter Mills, Digital Virgo brings on Fivetran, Snowflake, Looker and Tableau to centralise data from over 300 global Google Ads accounts.

Key Takeaways

Digital Virgo migrates data from an on-site MySQL database to a Snowflake warehouse.
One full-time engineer is reassigned to strategic projects after replacing in-house legacy pipeline solution.
Nearly 300 Google Ads connectors across 40 countries sync data every five minutes.
Fivetran Transformations helps Digital Virgo consolidate Google Ads data for easier and quicker BI.
Digital Virgo uses Fivetran to provide agency clients with on-demand reporting.
Account managers have an overview of Google Ads policy data in a daily Looker report instead of checking account by account via the Google UI.

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