How changing online habits have opened the door to a new wave of email attacks

Mariana Pereira, Darktrace Director of Email Security Products, EMEA writes:

For several weeks now, we’ve seen how cyber-criminals have used the ongoing global health crisis as a ‘fearware’ topic to mount and spread their attacks. But as more and more of the world’s population works from home, and as consumption of digital content subsequently increases, hackers are finding novel ways to exploit the full range of human emotions through sophisticated email attacks.

From attackers creating ‘digital fake’ campaigns that offer ‘advice’ for those self-isolating, to threat-actors masquerading behind trusted websites to launch malware, the last few weeks have demonstrated how quickly cyber-criminals can adapt their techniques in the email realm. This blog presents four ways hackers are changing their tactics in light of current trends and changing behaviors, and how security teams can react to defend against these developments. READ FULL BLOG HERE

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