Enabling Workforce Continuity—It’s Time to Rethink Identity

Between the massive digital transformation efforts already pushing organizations to their edges and external forces we cannot control, it’s imperative to ensure your workflow can continue with as little to no disruption as possible. When it comes to providing the sustainability of the workforce, it comes down to ensuring that they have the right access to get their jobs done.

Over the years, we’ve seen some of the most challenging of situations that were faced with confidence because there was foresight to implement proper access controls and policies that could be quickly updated by identity and IT teams. However, in our age, the velocity of business is moving so fast that when a challenge or crisis is experienced, it can be overwhelming for IT teams to keep up with the dynamic nature of keeping policies and access models up-to-date.

At SailPoint, we’ve been working hard to stay one step ahead, anticipating how identity can serve enterprise organizations. SailPoint helps you enable your teams to run as fast as they can while knowing that the proper guardrails are in place to keep things safe.  READ FULL BLOG HERE

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