Bunim/Murray fights back against phishing attempts with Antigena Email

Gabe Cortina, CTO Bunim/Murray Productions writes: 

The 2014 Sony hack changed everything. Bunim/Murray, like other entertainment companies, woke up to the new threats targeting our sector – jumpstarting our journey to improve security.

Bunim/Murray is the production company behind a whole host of reality television shows and is well-known for several hit series such as The Real World (MTV), Road Rules (MTV), The Simple Life (E!), Family or Fiancé (OWN), and Starting Over (syndicated). Bunim/Murray Productions infuses its finely-tuned sense of dramatic story structure to turn the ordinary tales of real people into extraordinary television programming and filmed entertainment. When landing as the CTO at Bunim/Murray, protecting our business was – and still is – a fundamental part of the job. With strong support from the CEO and CFO, I embarked on the journey to bolster cyber defense for our organization. READ FULL BLOG HERE

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