SANS Offers Free Kit to Secure Home Workers

work from home

The SANS Institute has put together a training kit, along with additional resources, so that organisations, individuals and parents can follow best practice on working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The information security training provider claimed that the Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit is designed to help fill knowledge gaps while everyone adapts to these new work environments.

 “For many businesses, managing an entirely remote workforce is completely new, which means they may lack the processes, policies and technologies that enable employees to work from home safely and securely,” it argued. “In addition, many employees may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the idea of working from home.”

The home working kit for employers makes note of three key risks for remote employees. These are social engineering, weak passwords and unpatched machines. Additional challenges worth considering include Wi-Fi security, incident detection and response, VPNs, remote workers outside the home and friends and family who want to use work devices.

Business leaders are recommended to closely communicate with their IT security and comms teams to roll out an efficient remote working strategy. It also urges efforts to be made to create a forum for users to have questions answered and report incidents, ideally in real-time.

In addition to the deployment guide, there is a factsheet for micro-businesses or sole traders working from home. This guide will outline 5 essential steps to stay protected against major cyber-threats.

What’s more, parents may benefit from resources so that their children can safely use the internet at home while schools remain closed.

“The key advice is: be suspicious of any emails trying to create a sense of urgency to click on a link or send information; take steps to protect your home Wi-Fi, changing default passwords and restricting access,” SANS director of security awareness, Lance Spitzner, told Infosecurity.

“Also create strong passwords on any websites you use, make sure any device is running the latest software, and don’t let family and friends use work devices.”

Various security and tech vendors are doing their best to assist businesses that may be struggling to support remote working. For example, Trend Micro is providing 6-months of free access to its consumer security product, Trend Micro Maximum Security. At the same time, SenintelOne is offering free use of its endpoint security platform until mid-May.